Friday, August 26, 2011

Book-Week Parade 2011

A Book-Week costume for the Cherub this year was relatively easy. He knew what he wanted to go as (Severus Snape) and therefore all we needed was a wand [check: we have about a dozen wands in our collection now], a cape [check: already on back-order from when I made this one, and not too hard a sewing project, although I was sewing it up till just before dinnertime yesterday] and some long black hair [check for long hair, and black hairspray was not hard to find]. Cherub was extremely excited about the hairspray, but found the application quite disturbing in the end, all those fumes. If you look at this shot you can see a small tear rolling down his cheek, but he cheered up when we showed him his reflection.


As for Climber ... Well. His best-friend (Mavis' boy) is a chronic non-dresser-upper and Climber is feeling very on the outer at the moment because said best friend is currently 'best friends' with fascinating but erratic other kid. Poor Climber, it has not been much fun for him. Plus, Climber has moved into this age group (Grade 5/6) where he feels invisibility is preferable to mockery, such is the level of mocking going on. So for the first time ever it looked like he wouldn't dress up. But I racked my brains for something that wouldn't lower his street cred, and eventually suggested Sam I Am, thinking that carrying a sign and a tray of Green Eggs and Ham would be a safe and slightly cool option. Climber agreed. We were both pretty pleased with the finished product.


(Speaking of Mavis' boy, he was over as usual last night while we were frantically doing costume stuff and he said he wanted to dress up this year, as something from Lord of the Rings, but that he'd left it too late to organise it. I must admit I was surprised because he has always strenuously rejected dressing up in previous years, but I had some spare browny fabric lying around so I whipped him up a simple cape. He was terribly pleased, but his nerve clearly failed him this morning at parade time. Ah well.)

The parade was lots of fun. Harry Potter-mania was in full force but there was plenty of variety.



Meanwhile, I'm declaring this year's costume our best effort ever.



  1. Awesome. *pat on the back* You did an excellent job with worthwhile results.

  2. Dear Cherub,
    because my eyesight is not very good I looked at the picture of you and thought "oh Stomper is doing a post about Severus Snape" - then I put my glasses on. You looked excellent - so did your brother.
    Yours sincerely.

  3. Ohhh that tear....hahahah I am terrible for laughing I know!

    He would have made a terrible girl, not liking the hairspray thing, I guess that's why he was born a boy. :)

    He looks great though, and what was the ham made from that you were able to make a fork stick out of it?

  4. Fabulous costumes!!!!well done!!!

  5. Aunty, I just used some green material and stuffed it with some plastic newspaper wrap, plus some newspaper.

  6. He looks fab. I especially love him wrapped in newspaper.

  7. You guys do an awesome book week. I'm green (eggs and ham) with envy!

  8. I love these shots, especially the full length shot of Cherub where you can see the whole gown. They both look brilliant.

    Son #3's teacher went as Severus Snape and looked very realistic and forbidding. Apparently when a couple of kids said something cheeky to him in the corridor he said "Ten points from Griffindor". Did his reputation good.

  9. You are creative. So creative. Love the book week costumes. Green Eggs and Ham is STILL one of my all-time favorites. My mother read it to us at Happy House (our preschool) and we had green eggs, green ham and green milk afterwards.

    Cherub is the cutest Snape ever. I'm not at all intimidated, which means he could pull a surprise curse on me in an instant. Sneak attack!

  10. I blog at Mommy and Me Book Club. I am interested in sharing a pic and a link to this awesome Sam-I-Am costume in my book inspired costume round-up. Would that be okay with you? Thanks!

    danielletscribner at gmail dot com

  11. I would love to share your Sam I Am costume on my Book-inspired costume round up. Would you be willing to let me use one pic with full credit and link back to your site for all of the details? Mommy and Me Book Club

    danielletscribner at gmail dot com


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