Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dad's Birthday

Officially, my Dad did not want a fuss made over the significant birthday he just celebrated. As a fully paid-up member of Workaholics Anonymous, he really didn't want anyone at His Work to start thinking about how far past the official retirement age he is. But he seemed pretty happy with a family gathering, and a good time was had by all.


Above, you can see Dad with his siblings and their partners, minus Dad's wife who had left to mind their sick younger son.


Here you see Dad with almost all his children; minus the other sick-at-home half-brother. The 2 very young children are in fact grandchildren, my brother has unofficial sole custody of his children these days and the boys were determined to be in the picture. It was great that my sister and brother could travel from Canberra to join the celebration. I barely know my brother's kids so it was great to spend time with them all.


This is Dad with the younger generation, less 2 cousins and 2 half-brothers. A great bunch.

And can I just tell you that Chestnut Cheesecake is fan-bloody-tastic! Everyone raved! It disappeared in a flash. I liked it! No furriness or alcohol flavour, just delicious, subtle creamy heavenly-ness. I think it may just be my new specialty.

Happy The-Number-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named Birthday, Dad xxxx.

Photos courtesy my sister's professional camera. More pics here.


  1. Aw, yay! Happy day to your dad. Your brother's younger child looks a bit like Cherub in that photo.

  2. Happy Birthday Daddio. Fabulous that you all could gather and help celebrate his special day. Nice one.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

    How I love looking at photos - even when they are of people I don't know!

  4. Lovely photos! Great that you could all be together....I thought exactly the same thing about Cherub and the cousin as Kathy mentioned!

  5. Aw. Just fabulous. You lot make a good-looking bunch. Can't for the life of me make out WHICH significant birthday your Dad is celebrating - lookin' trés Spring Chicken to me.

    (such good news on the cheesecake. Unquestioning faith restored).

  6. Gorgeous. That shot of your dad and all your sibs is particularly lovely.

  7. Happy birthday to your dad! And you definitely all drew deep from the good looking gene pool, didn't you? :)


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