Saturday, August 20, 2011

That old Chestnut (Cheesecake).

I thought I was getting my blog mojo back on, but I was wrong. Nell had a gentle whinge about the lack of posts and I said I know! and blamed it partly on my little handbag camera being broken, which is true, but let's face it I'm also spending too much time on facebook and words with friends, and plus, our life is just busy!

Take today. Look how tired my poor Cherub looks, first ever class of gymnastics last night, (Oh my God how much do the boys like doing gymnastics?!) followed by soccer, tap and swimming lesson, all between 9.30am and 2pm. This is just temporary, until soccer finishes in a few weeks. But man! What a crazy morning.


And then there was barely time to sit down and do the Saturday Age Quiz with Nell before I had to get my baking arse into gear. I've made a chestnut cheesecake for my Dad's 70th birthday celebration tomorrow, which officially makes me a good daughter because I don't reckon I'll like it much. Chestnut has a weird furry aftertaste, and the recipe called for rum as well; I'm not keen on alcohol flavoured desserts. Plus what am I supposed to do with remaining 660 ml of Jamaican Rum? Fixit is offering to buy some coke and seeing if he can force it down.

chestnut cheesecake

PS. See the handmixer? My crappy mixmaster broke and I decided not to replace with another mid-range model with built-in obsolescence. I'm saving up for a purple KitchenAid. There will be some very good baking happening when that shiny day comes.


  1. haha, glad i'm still up to read that post. Chestnute, bleurgh, tried them when i first moved to melb and wondered what all the fuss was abput, evryone keeps saying 'yopu must have got a rotten one'. Seriously, 10 rotten ones? I gave up! Yay for the Kitcheaid, my tax refund will be well spent on one of them, go for it!

  2. I have a red Kitchenaid, and it is seriously my pride and joy.

    Cakes, pizza dough, bread, whipped cream, you name it. We make our own mince with the attachment, sausages (although that tends to be sadly neglected due to hard to get casings) and with an ice cream attachment, I am good to go.

    I can't comment on Chestnut, I'm not sure if I have ever tried one. I'm not a fan of Hazelnut. Ugh. Praline. Ugh. Double Ugh.

  3. Not into chestnuts but I love a good rum!

  4. I'll be needing a Chestnut Cheesecake review. This is because I have a (previously unbroken) rule that Thou Shalt Adore All Forms of Cheesecake and Shalt Eat Until One is Nearly Sick. But I'm with you on the furry chestnut thing.

  5. Aunty Evil has a thing about nuts.

    The Cherub just kills me with that face! Awwwwww.

    I'm not a big chestnut fan. But I'd vote for Fixit's plan! I could go that route if you absolutely forced me.

    I have a hand mixer. Kitchenaid keeps getting lowered on the financial priority list (stupid car).

  6. Warmed chestnuts are okay and are 'very' Melbourne - I don't think I've seen them anywhere else.

    As for your KitchenAid dream - they're worth saving for. I have a navy blue one - it sits pretty in the kitchen and gets a good work out with bread making, cream whipping, cake mixing. I agree, don't get a middle of the road one. I did and it lasted 4 years. I don't think I would've ever got my KitchenAid if we weren't living in the UAE however....they're approximately $200 cheaper here! (Could be worth the plane trip over Caroline!)

  7. I'm guessing I'm with you on the chestnuts as I cannot abide the furry skin of peaches...its like trying to bite a kitten...

    but if its good, I'll take that all back-'cept the bit about biting kittens.

  8. delurking to say that Jamacian Rum + OJ = a taste similar to plum pudding.


  9. That sounds bearable, don't mind plum pudding!

  10. My parents have these wealthy friends who fly here to Australia to live for three months every year, and when they pack up before going back to England they give my mum their pantry leftovers. Every year there's a tin of chestnut puree. Every year!

    I mean, who buys tins of chestnut puree on holiday each year?

    My parents have yet to open any of them.

    The only way chestnuts should be consumed is hot and in a paper cone, while standing on a street corner in London.

  11. How was the chestnut cheesecake? I hate chestnuts too. They are only good when roasted to keep in your pockets to warm cold hands on a cold day. Not good to eat at all!


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