Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hi, I fell down the costuming black hole last week and I've just climbed out.  Twelve neck-ties and 2 dresses later, plus a pair of dance pants for my boy.  Which doesn't seem huge but that's on top of our already crowded life.  Anyway.  Grade 5/6 Production; tonight's the night.  Climber is that excited.  The showbiz bug has finally hit that kid, much to my stage-mother delight.  This was the note he left us this morning.

In a short while we'll be putting stage make-up on him and heading to the theatre.  But in the meantime, I thought I'd just make note of the fact that it's been 6 months since Basil was hit by the car.  Our bank balance is still dreadful but look!


Look at my kitty in a tree.



  1. THAT NOTE NEEDS FRAMING. As far as that puss goes - butter wouldn't melt!

  2. Oh, lovely puss!

    I wouldn't encourage Climber *too* much. That's what our actor son-in-law's mum did and now look where we are. He's penniless and married to my lovely girl. Grrr.

    My verification word is "tabbi"!!!

  3. I bet he was splendid. And as for Basil, he has inherited the Climber genes, or at least been good at copying the talent.

  4. fab Climber!!!!!!

    I love that Basil is up a tree!!!!

  5. Is Basil winking at us?

    And I love Climber's note - worth framing as Tania has already said.

  6. I LOVE that last photo! Gorgeous Kitty. He knows it too!

    Love Climber's excitement and artwork.

  7. I do love that photo of Basil!
    so glad to see him returning to cheekiness


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