Friday, September 02, 2011


Team Crarf Camp, aka Suse and Janet, has invited me for another gatecrash this weekend. Luckily Mr Fixit is a very nice person and does not mind me deserting the family, even though it will be Father's Day and technically you'd think he'd assert his right to a nice long motorbike ride in this gorgeous spring weather. I'm off Saturday afternoon, and am trying to get organised.

Meantime, round here I've had my nose stuck in The Hunger Games books which are brutally compelling and un-put-downable. The dark circles under my eyes are testament to that. Finished now. I did actually buy them with a view to trying them with Climber, but think he needs to wait a couple of years before tackling them; lots of people, [SPOILER] including quite young ones, die.

I bought a lovely cushion cover from Tiny Happy which looks perfect on our couch.


I've become obsessed with being completely up-to-date with the laundry now that it's sunny again, because of all the rainy days this winter; except now the Bureau of Metereology have announced it was actually a really warm and dry winter. Really?

We bought a second hand telly, a proper digital one and BIG at that, and now we're wondering why, after all the agony of dodgy reception via el cheapo set-top-boxes, we didn't get one sooner. Oh that's right, ye olde disposable income problem. Because there was nothing actually wrong with the old one exccept it was tiny and once you got the reception right, (minimum 5 minutes fiddling) NOBODY COULD MOVE! Me and my First World problems, but it was annoying.

The kids caught nits and I combed them all out again.

Fixit is still doing his journal (the paperwork proving he has competency in every single area of aircraft maintenance which must be filled-in before they accredit him) and I think there's some sort of illusion going on with it, no matter how much work he does on it, the end is never in sight.

My tap hall received some long overdue maintenance (a lick of paint) but the Maintenance People didn't bother to check with the Daily Running Of The Hall People so I walked in last Thursday night and had to spend 3/4 of an hour moving paint tins and drop sheets before I could set up for class.

The boys had their regular mates over last night, which suddenly and surprisingly turned into a dance session in the kitchen for the big boys who were trying to work out some hip-hop moves.

I'm not sure what the little boys were doing, but there was lots and lots of laughing coming from them.



  1. I never fail to be surprised by the lift in spirits the very word spring gives to me.

  2. I love your updates. I hate getting to the comment section, then I forget what I was going to comment on!
    1. Crarf camp rocks. Anytime anyone needs a fill in.....
    2. the tv- yep, awesome, I unfortunatley didn't wait and did interest free, ugh, what a nightmare I got myself into. Good to see some people are still sensible....
    3. Nits don't deserve a comment!

  3. Hands up everyone who scratched their head when they got to the nits comment.


  4. The author of the Hunger Games books wrote an earlier series aimed at younger readers -- the Gregor the Overlander books. My kids read and LOVED them. Still a bit dark, but nothing Harry Potter fans can't handle. Climber might like those, maybe?

    So glad you are having beautiful spring weather -- it gives me hope that we'll be having autumn soon here!

  5. Ahh...spring in Melbourne. Such wonderful memories.

    I too love your updates - you life sounds pretty full on... What a wonderful family you have.

  6. How lovely your posts are. I have to say that I rather grudge you spring... since we never really got a summer this year.

    You do look so young and sweet in those photos. Mind you, you look young and sweet in your current photos too.

  7. That cushion is Beautiful!

    Crarf camp rocks, lovely to craft alongside you again xoJ

  8. I can read children's books even without the excuse that I'm 'checking them out' for the kids...

  9. You good weather obsession with being up-to-date with the laundry made me laugh! I just got a note home from two of my kids school saying the classes will be checked for nits this week and I find myself scared to do the beforehand check...

  10. Obsession with the weather in clothes-drying terms is a major component of my life.

    Nits are easy to deal with (says the woman whose first , first-hand experience was catching them from her gorgeously cuddly step-son) Years on and many infestations later, I've got it down pat.

    Spring is good, and that is coming from a hideous hay fever suffereer

    If anyone ever needs a friend for Sewjourn who doesn't mind food duties, I'm your gal (electric stove trained).


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