Thursday, September 15, 2011


Climber's soccer season finished last weekend.  For their last game one of the dads made a banner for the teams to run through.  You can see in this photo how much the boys loved it. 


After the game we gave our coach and team manager thank you presents, and Fixit had to be the speech maker for this, except the coach kept forgetting to just let us thank him and kept trying to 'coach talk' through it.

Our life will certainly be much easier now, because the commitment of 2 nights' training and an early Sunday morning game has been pretty full on, especially with me working those same two training nights.  Despite this I think we'll all miss it.  That's not to say I won't enjoy sleeping in this Sunday, mind!   But it was such fun, cheering the boys on, watching them improve every week and enjoying their obvious camaraderie with each other.  Our team finished 3rd last, safely ahead of the bottom 2 but a long way behind the rest of the ladder.  Never mind.  They lost 14 of their 18 games and yet somehow it felt like we had a great season; some weeks they showed flashes of brilliance which elated the watching parents.  Should have heard us cheer if they scored a goal, even in games where they were being flogged 6-1. The *1* made us soooooo happy. Climber adored it, loved training, loved playing.  The other boys thought he was a good player which did enormous things for his self-confidence.  I think the best thing about soccer has been the way it made Climber shine and bounce with happiness. Mostly.  Not when he was completely crestfallen about losing or letting in goals or playing badly, obviously.  But mostly.   Can't wait for next year really.  Meantime, roll on cricket season.


  1. I do believe Climber and Joe may be related somehow.

  2. Sounds like it was good for everyone!!!!

  3. I think soccer is the best game for kids because everyone is involved and there is very little idle time.


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