Friday, December 30, 2011


Now that we're all on holidays, we need some exercise!  The boys and I are very used to a lot of daily physical activity: me with my tap and the boys with their crazy term-time schedule.  We miss it if we don't get it.  As for Fixit, he is supposed to lose 12 kilos in 6 months. I seriously do not know how he will manage this, as I watch him hoe in without any moderation to the various Christmas temptations on offer - beers with his friend the Bike Nazi, the bottle of port and mega-Toblerone my Dad gave him (the Toblerone was gone in 2 sittings and it was ENORMOUS!) and all the chocolate I seem to have accumulated via tap students.  Attempts on my part to get him to stop after just one treat are met with surliness.  I mean, I know no-one likes a nag,  but apparently his brain doesn't send him any messages about moderation or health.  You'd think he'd be grateful for my support, but no. (Nell is never grateful when I try to encourage her to give up smoking either, go figure.)  

(Give up, Nell, you know you should!!)

Anyway.  We have been doing bike-riding in the last week.  Every little bit helps. When we ride as a family, Fixit leads the way with Climber and I ride behind the slowest member of the family, the Cherub.  Although it's not a great aerobic challenge, it is just lovely.  I love the way he chats away as he pedals, he way he dings his bell as he passes a pedestrian, the way we say I love you to each other just because the feeling comes over us.  I particularly love looking at his small rib cage from behind as he bobs up and down on his bike, and thinking about how little he still is and how tiny his heart and lungs must be.  (Is that weird?)  It is one of my favourite things to do, being out with my family on our bikes.


(I also love watching Climber on his slightly-too-big-for him bike, looking all long-legged and cool, but he is often far off in the distance so I don't see him as much)


  1. Oh my, that is a gorgeous post, so full of love!

    Nell, you can do it, I did it, therefore, anybody can. I know it has been said before by people more likely to quit than I ever was, but ignore them, listen to me!

    Use the patches. Don't be a hero trying to do it without chemical help.

    It is SO GOOD being a non smoker, I cannot begin to tell you!

    As for Fixit, fighting a losing battle against a sweet tooth there. Hubby is the same.

  2. Good work Aunty. I bet she is not grateful to you though, either. She'll probably mutter in your general direction.

  3. Not weird at all.

    Mr Coffee and I stopped smoking about 12 years ago; he had smoked much more and for longer than I had. No patches; his advice was to spend the first week drunk (which he did). His theory was that if you could go without a cigarette when you were drunk, you'd already cracked it.

  4. Oh Aunty!
    I'm no hero. I've got a $30 a day habit
    I've tried:
    Cold turkey - lasted 3 months
    Patches - lasted 3 months
    Gum - lasted about a week (that stuff is foul)
    Inhaler - lasted about 5 mins (worse than foul)
    Hypnotism (managed to wait 'til I got home before lighting up)
    Can't do Champix because I'm on anti-depressants
    My doctor says I will do it when I'm ready
    But thanks for the support
    x Nell
    PS Mutter, Mutter, Mutter

  5. My Poor Mr Brown suffers from the terrible 'cannot stop at one" problem with chocolate. So, I just don't bring it into the house. If it's not there he can't eat it. And he hardly notices.

  6. How lovely! I find myself watching my children do mundane, ordinary things and being overwhelmed with love and appreciation for them, for childhood in general and probably a bit of nostalgia for my own tender years.

    Do give it up Nell! You know you should... we want you around for many years to come!

  7. Smoking is such a curse. I was so glad when I finally made it a smoke free life. I tried every fix known to man- well woman actually. I had hypnosis and acupuncture- both more than once. Key seems to be, keep trying. Good Luck.
    Your Chrissy sounded lovely and the boys look so happy. Happy 2012 to you all.

  8. Good luck with the no smoking. Best advice I can think of is - don't think of it as a curse, just remind yourself that you're not smoking today, this day, one day at a time.

  9. Kids on bikes is the quintessential summer holiday image for me. I nearly burst with pride seeing my 8 yo master riding a bike last week.

    Such a lovely post, Stomper.

    (And give it up, Nell!)


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