Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Christmas List.

(A work in progress)
  • Santa letters written and posted.
(The kids had a great time running around in the magic forest they've set up in City Square this year, really nice)


  • Christmas cards written and posted.
(As I was addressing them I found the  Christmas letter I sent last year, and it turns out I write the same stuff every year, just the kids' ages and grade levels change.  Oh well.  Apologies to the aunts. At least I don't start them with Well I can't believe another year has gone by.)


  • Adult tap classes finished for the year.
(We had such a nice final night for those brave enough to attend.  Each class performed their regular routine and their Christmas routine, then we sat round having a lovely chat and some refreshments.  It was ace.)


Still to do: Quite a lot of shopping. The kids' end of year Tap Concert (low-key but still requiring fair bit of effort all round). Some more making and baking. And a couple of parties to attend.
But it's all ticking along quite nicely.  No need to panic.


  1. Look at that lovely sunshine, we are only getting peeks at it here in Sydney. I am so sick of the rain, I hope it doesn't rain on the big day.

    Have a great day Caroline, I know things are tough for you at the moment and I am hoping 2012 will bring much relief in the troubled areas.

    You are blessed in many ways with two gorgeous boys and a man who loves you (even though he can be a brat sometimes, can't they all?) but he is a keeper for sure.

    It's hard to remember the good stuff when there is so much crap going on, I know how that is. So all I am going to wish for you is relief from the crap.

    I have enjoyed reading you this year (as always) and look forward to finding out what 2012 brings.


  2. sounds like you are getting there.Well done.

  3. Oh Aunty, thank you xx. You're so lovely,

  4. hahaha, had to come back and comment again.

    I got a letter in a Christmas card today giving me news on kids I don't know (hubby used to work with her a hundred years ago) and I found out how wonderful they are doing at school to within every grade, every lunch they had and every teacher's name. How come nobody ever gives any juicy info in those letters "and johnny got his 13 year old best friend's girlfriend pregnant, we threw him out of the house initially but now we are over the moon and we are going to raise the child as our own, despite her parents taking us to court and threatening to bomb our house"...kind of thing.

    Anyway, my point of coming back here to comment was she started it with "I can't believe another year has gone by"...I immediately thought of you. :)

  5. I've just been catching up and while I'm so sorry that you have money worries and things aren't perfect, it's such a relief to read an honest blog which doesn't say how wonderful things are all the time. Your family is so lovely, though. I hope you get all the good things you deserve.

  6. So sorry - I've been reading your blog and running off without commenting recently. Still here, though...


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