Monday, December 12, 2011

A List of Advent Activities

What's up? Our Christmas Tree, that's what.


(Official note: It was Climber's turn this year to put the star on top of the tree.)




I think because we purchased it earlier in December than usual we were able to get a smaller and therefore cheaper tree.  The man who sells it to Fixit every year always gives us some bonus plant seedlings, so we are now growing eggplant, thai basil and burpless cucumbers.  Expect eggplant curry with raita sometime in March I reckon.

Last year I put together an Advent Activity Calendar, 25 fun-filled yuletide activities to keep us in the Christmas Spirit all December-long.  I thought I'd put in the full list of what we did below for ease of reference. Obviously far too late to help me or anyone with December 2011 plans, but maybe next year.  Although I suppose it might help remind me of important things I still need to do in the next - don't panic! -12 days, seeing as I decided NOT to do the advent box again this year due to slackitude and can't-be-botheredness, plus how many handmade tree decorations does one family need?

Anyway here it is:
A LIST OF ADVENT ACTIVITIES, with links, especially good for tap-dancing families.

  1. Hang A Christmas Decoration In Your Bedroom (also includes how I made my advent box)
  2. Make A Christmas Paper Chain
  3. Make Some Christmas Cards
  4. Write a Letter To Santa
  5. Post Your Letter to Santa
  6. Take A Food Donation to your JSC Christmas Appeal
  7. Do a Christmas Tree Maze (actually this is more about appearing in local rag as Outraged Pool User)
  8. Take A Family Photo wearing Santa Hats or Reindeer Ears
  9. Sew a Felt Ornament for the Christmas Tree
  10. Make Microwave Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments (I'm getting so many hits on this post, I'm like a Christmas Expert now)
  11. Write Christmas Cards to Give To Your School Friends
  12. Decorate The Christmas Tree
  13. Wear Christmas Coloured Clothes
  14. Build Something Christmassy out of Lego
  15. Read A Christmas Story At Bedtime
  16. Wrap A Christmas Present For Your Teacher
  17. Go Out For A Gelato with the Family (Warning! Features vomit!)
  18. Go To a Tap Dance Christmas Party & Dance To Christmas Songs
  19. Make a Wreath for the Front Door
  20. Make Up A Christmas Tap Dance (I still love watching this routine the boys made up, and I stole some of their choreography for this year's concert.)
  21. Make Some Christmas Shortbread
  22. Play A Family Board Game
  23. Play A Game of Backyard Cricket
  24. Hang Christmas Stocking and Leave Santa a Present
  25. Open presents etc.


  1. I will be over for some tree smelling soon! Your advent activities list puts me to shame. Maybe best I aim for next year when all the chillun are at school. Sniff.

  2. I'm turning up unannounced at your place on day 21. I'm not going to take the chance that there is no more left on day 22.

  3. Yeah, except you'd have to go back in time because this is what we did LAST YEAR Aunty. This year is way more haphazard. I have Christmas Shortbread available now as it happens though, wanna hop a flight?

  4. TURN-YOUR-FLASH-ON-WHEN-SHOOTING-INTO-THE-LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tree looks ace though sis... my house is still sadly lacking a tree....

  5. It was on! But it is not a big flash. This is just how full on the back light is with those west facing windows.

  6. I want to come and be one of your kids and do everything on this list xx

  7. I am so impressed by this list. Your kids must love it and the family tradition element too.


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