Friday, March 23, 2012

Romper Stomper

Cherub's Grade 3 concert is next week, and the drama teacher decided she wanted Cherub's class to be dressed in rompers.  Easy enough for 8 year old girls, completely impossible for 8 year old boys.  Not only are there none for sale new or in op-shops, you can't even find a sewing pattern for them. 

Cue Romper Stomper to the rescue. Drafted a pattern, knocked some up for Cherub. 


Easy-peasy, as it turned out. 


So in a fit of community spirit I sent out an email to the rest of the class, saying if people wanted me to make a pair for their sons, I'd do it if they gave me the fabric.  Nine other parents gratefully accepted the offer.  Most of them managed to provide me with fabric too.

Guess what I've been doing in all my spare time, and what I'll be doing all day Sunday?  (three down, 6 to go...)


(I also made this frock, which I think is the best thing I've ever sewn, although it's a bit hard to tell from this lousy self-portrait.)


I don't know who decided 8year old boys couldn't wear rompers, I think they're all going to look completely adorable in them!


PS. My house looks like the wreck of the Hesperus (isn't that a fantastic saying?) and is likely to remain so until the rompers are finished.  We stage mothers have our priorities, you know.


  1. Just like the Von Trapp Boys in The Sound of Music. I think the boys will LOVE them. I predict they will go viral.

    And I love your dress. Looks great on you.

  2. Romper Stomper----Queen of the Wardrobe Department. You've set a precedent---You'll probably have a job for life! Very cute rompers on the very cute Cherub......

  3. Ten pairs of rompers? You are a better woman than I am.

  4. Quite simply are amazing!

  5. So are all your tap students now going to be wearing rompers given you've mastered them? Cherub looks fantastic. And that was an amazing effort to make so many.

    And your dress is great. (Wish I could sew, wish I could sew, wish I...)

  6. I'm very impressed with the dress you made. It looks really nice.


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