Friday, March 30, 2012


We had a tap performance last Saturday at a local primary school fete, and (once again) it felt like our Best Show Ever.  This outdoor performing thing, we know how to do it now. All the dancers and dances were very well received, we were applauded and cheered heartily and you couldn't help seeing that we'd drawn an excellent sized crowd and they all had great big smiles on their faces as they watched us.


I think there are a few reasons why this particular performance went so well, namely:

  • The primary school we were performing at is just lovely, their fete is lovely and they therefore draw a lovely crowd.  The sort of people who probably appreciate a dance school where the kids have genuine rather than showbiz smiles on their faces, where the moves are age appropriate and the stylings are gender-neutral, and nobody gets upset if the littlies stare vaguely into space while their teacher does all the actual tapping.


  • This is our 6th performance at this particular fete, so we really knew what to expect. There were NO technical problems. The boards went down easily and quickly, the ipod/sound system worked, no tap shoes were forgotten: in other words, we were very well prepared.


  • The choreography was pitched at the right level in terms of audience entertainment and what the dancers were capable of performing and remembering - the remembering part is not to be underestimated when you're tap-dancing!


  • I didn't talk at this one. Sometimes I think I should, you know, talk my school up, but I never feel I do a very good job of it and this show I decided to let the kids' dancing speak for itself.  That's what people want to see, right?  Not the crazy purple lady burbling on, just the cute kiddies and their tap skillz.


  • My injured foot didn't play up.  All week I'd been nursing a sore left foot, and ended up having an x-ray for a suspected stress fracture in the 5th metatarsal.  Happily, it turned out to be just tendonitis in that area, and coddling it all week was probably a very good thing (my feet don't get much rest otherwise) because, as I expected, when it came to performance time, a rush of adrenaline took over and I completely forgot about my sore foot.  I was hugely relieved to find that my foot felt absolutely fine afterwards, and in fact didn't start hurting again until the next tap lesson on the Monday.  But it is mending, and school holidays will do it a world of good.


  • Finally, and I think most importantly, the tap kids are so ace.  From the adorable Littlies who hold my hand and get slightly stage-struck but who melt the audience's heart with their cuteness, the Beginners who sort of know what to do (but haven't quite mastered doing it all at the same time) who smile and jump around with adorable enthusiasm, the More Than Beginners who are bursting with pride at how they are doing fancier footwork now and can't wait to show everybody, the Intermediates who I think of as my Broadway class because they possess skills and aplomb, and finally the Advanced Group who are starting to really wow the crowds with how good they are and are giving the other groups (and parents of the younger tappers) something to aspire to.  I always say it, but it's true: I have the nicest families tapping with me.  I love those tap kids.

Thanks as always to my Number One Crew: production manager Nell and head roadie Fixit, and to all the wonderful tap families who came and danced. More photos here.


  1. Couldn't you move over my way? Or a bit closer at the very least? There's a whole family of five needing purple tap in their lives...

  2. Aw they are all so cute! I love that you don't costume them up either :)

  3. It all looks fabulous

    I'm so glad it all went well for you

  4. It looks and sounds like so much fun, both for the performers and the audience. And YAY for the foot cooperating, too!

  5. I would be very happy to hear the crazy purple lady crapping on.

  6. I love these posts, they are so upbeat and so full of love and pride. You are the one that is ace. I have said it before and no doubt I will say it again, must be old age setting in. :)

    Well done you!!

  7. I have to say that Grace loved it! She was so proud and I was a bit teary watching. My mum loved it too. I was so impressed that a kid who has been tapping for oh, five weeks could slot in so easily with the rest. And it was all OK. I'm loving Nana tap too (even if it is harder than it looks) so yeah, tapa tapa tap is big around here!

  8. I just love this post, I really do. I bought a pair of tap shoes (my size!) at the oppy this week. Now, will you move to East Gippsland? I have the shoes, you know.

  9. Forget East Gippsland, come over to thWest Country in the UK so my two can have lessons. Please?

  10. Looks like it was a fantastic day and everyone was having a great time.

    Glad your foot didn't bother you during or immediately after the performance, and that there's no fracture - I imagine that would be the last thing a Tap Queen needs!

  11. Tendonitis is so painful! No wonder you thought you had a stress fracture.

    Those kids are beautiful. The way you structure your teaching means they are a joy to watch... they are having FUN! Which is what it should be all about anyway!

  12. I love these posts. The fun everyone is having just shines out of each photo.


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