Monday, April 09, 2012

Another Year, another Toy Fair

A week after the last public performance, the Tap Kids and I were once again stomping it out in the open air for a good cause. Here's the link to the photos if you like.  And here's some live footage of a couple of dances.

 Apart from the usual aceness, the only things to report here are...
  1. that the boards were VERY slippery (forgot to wash them with softdrink & detergent) but hardly anyone fell over.  There's a slightly concentrating look to our movement and faces because of this.
  2. that (as always happens at this particular gig) a small child from the audience endangered itself, and us, by running across the boards during a dance.  I swear every year I always catch the same expression on the guardian of the pitch-invading child - one of gentle amusement at small child's cuteness / willingness to join in, and no concept of how this might inconvenience the performers.  I believe this year it was left to me to shepherd the child off stage, rather than her being grabbed by an embarrassed carer, but maybe I've remembered that wrong.
  3. that my children scored rather well at the post-show prowl round the second-hand toy stalls.  Possibly the best item was a dvd copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I've put off letting the kids watch this as I thought (rightly) that there was a lot of violence in it, but they seem old enough now to accept it as fantasy (I'm not sure if this is a good thing) and needed no more than an adult presence in the room with them as they watched it.  I went to provide emotional support to them when the face-melty bits started but was reassured they were both fine.  (This in stark contrast to how stressed they got that night when I read a chapter from the very old-fashioned and wholesome book The Picts & The Martyrs -one of the books in the Swallows & Amazons series- where Dick and Dorothea almost get caught by the Great Aunt breaking into Beckfoot to get Timothy's chemical equipment.)  Anyway, the next morning, Cherub woke up and informed both Fixit and me that he was now officially obsessed with Indiana Jones.


  1. Those old timer books can be terrifying in their matter of fact way!

  2. Ace picture. Next year can you electrify the flooring and just have your troops (or troupe ;-) wear rubber-soled tap shoes?

  3. I just loved the way the woman with the child walked across in front of everyone anyway. Like...can't you just wait until they finish? Why block everyone's view because you have to get where you're going?

    Anyway...gorgeous, as always! :)

  4. I can imagine that slippery boards combined with pitch invading children add for quite the extra degree of difficulty, but it still looks like much fun!

    I never had a problem with the face melty bits in Raiders, it was the spiders at the beginning that got me when I was Climber's age.

  5. The Indiana Jones drawing captures the mood of the movie very well, I think!

  6. Love the looks of concentration. LOVE me some Indiana Jones. Sigh... that Harrison Ford smart/tough guy thing.... I assume that's NOT the reason Cherub is obsessed though! :-)


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