Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Easter Weekend.

Our Easter weekend was lopsided.  We had 5 social engagements in the first 2 days and then 2 much quieter days.  This turned out to be a blessing, because the 5-parties-in-2-days scenario was so much fun as to be exhausting.

Good Friday started with a hot-cross-bun party, then lunch at Astrid's house, followed by a family party to celebrate my Dad's recent victory in the Australian Science vs the Wi-Fi Thieves legal battle.  It was so busy that I forgot to take any photos.

Easter Saturday was family lunch with the Fixits.  See all that chocolate being handed out below?  None of it was for me.  Fixit's family assume because I am slender that I do not like chocolate, and nothing I say dissuades them.  Also, Mister Fixit never ever buys me an Easter egg.  If it hadn't been for Nell and another friend Mr Quiet, I would have been totally dependent on sneaking 'spare' eggs from my 'hunts and emergency present' stash.


A Fixit family lunch is always a massive meal, so I was unable to eat anything at the second engagement, Pizza in the Park with the Mothers Group.  Fixit and the kids were not such wimps though.


Now that Daylight Saving is ended, the kids were delighted to be out late enough to see some Possums.


Easter Sunday was mostly just us.  The boys left out baskits I mean baskets for the Easter Bunny, who did not disappoint them.


... and then I organised an egg hunt with clues for the boys. 




We also received visits, and Easter eggs, from Mr Quiet and from Nell, bringing the official level of chocolate in the house up to "obscene".  The boys are courageously working their way through it.



  1. That is quite the haul! And I would be tempted to snatch Mr Fixit's chocolate out of his hand just to eat it in front of his family :)

  2. I can't believe they leave you out of the chocolate! Though it does seem there was more than enough in the house to go around.

    1. Yes, and Mister Fixit was given a whole AFL egg. I made him share it with me, after I got over my hurt.

  3. I agree with Uli, but having enough in the house is not the point. I reckon they are a bunch of slackarses and you should boycott Easter at their house until they include you in the gift giving.

    Being neglected chocolate is one of the deadly sins in my eyes.

    1. They are lovely and generous to me in all other ways. They genuinely think I don't like/eat chocolate.

  4. Small amount of chocolate around these parts. Each child, including 2 boyfriends and 1 girlfriend get a Lindt Bunny (8 altogether). This was after Giles and Leah had a big sook about not getting a Lindt Bunny a couple of years ago.They got lots of other Easter chocs. mind you, but I had bought Linsey the bunny because I thought I'd need to post her Easter choc.
    All seemed quite pleased. Clare and Al aren't sick anymore as a result of chocolate OD. Bonus: no cleaning up of brown vomit!

  5. Little Miss Sit on the CouchSun Apr 15, 08:39:00 pm GMT+10

    Who is this Mr Quiet who brings Easter eggs? Is he Mr Greedy's new roomy?

  6. The boys are so brave to take on the task of consuming all that chocolate. Sigh.... it looks so yummy! We hid WAY too many eggs this year for only a few kids at the family get-together. I think it is too easy and they SHOULD have to actually hunt them! Too many eggs makes it hard to find good hiding places.

  7. My in-laws think I'm enormous and constantly full of sugar. Be careful what you wish for.

  8. I get magazines instead of chocolate from my cousins. But I prefer magazines to chocolate!

    Looks like you had a great Easter!

  9. I wish I preferred magazines to chocolate...


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