Monday, April 02, 2012

A Year of Lasts, Part I

This year is Climber's last year of Primary School.  (That's how long this blog has been going, he'd just started Prep the year I began blogging!  Here's a little reminisce, aww.)  Today we received the form for nominating his secondary school preferences. I can't believe we've come to that in so short a time. High School! How can that be?

Anyway. Being, as I am, the sort of person who is bad at letting go, I am really noticing how this is a year of lasts.  We just finished his last ever Term 1 at primary school.  He's had his last ever primary school School Camp.  He has had his last ever primary school School Photo, and Cherub and he won't be doing a sibling photo for another 4 years. *sniffle*

school photo2012

He has also had his last ever Carnevale Parade.  Climber has never been as keen on dressing up as Cherub, but he quite likes it and would happily join in; except that, his little posse of friends seem convinced that dressing up at school in front of everyone else would be the Most Embarrassing Thing Ever to happen, ever.  Never mind that everyone else is dressed up too.  They were never going to be up for the Grade 6 tradition of dressing as a girl for the parade, as some of the more socially confident boys did to great effect. So this year Climber did say maybe I won't dress up? possibly under influence from his peer group, who sure enough walked round the parade ground in their civvies.  But when I pointed out to Climber that he needn't go over the top - a mask and a cape would do, and wouldn't be flamboyant or anything - and that it was his last ever Carnevale, he cheerfully agreed to rummage through the dress-up basket and find something suitable.


Meanwhile, his little brother, who likes to put together a Look, decided on a Black Caviar mask, a pirate eyepatch to go over the top, a black hat, a cape with silver bats and the master touch, a pair of green gloves.


Later, he kindly loaned one of his gloves to his best friend, who had felt inadequate wearing just the mask and nothing else. 



  1. That is quite the dress-up box you must have there!

  2. Gorgeous boys! Can't believe Climber will be in High School. J.T. only has one short 9 week period of Elementary school before he graduates to Junior High.... grades 6-8. I can't believe it! They're still BOYS for pete's sake!

  3. I mean seriously, you have the MOST gorgeous boys!

    And I am with Melinda, I think you might have made a mistake somewhere, no way can he be going to high school already? Isn't he, like, in grade 3?

  4. I remember that Yr 6 'year of lasts' like it was yesterday. Which it was, wasn't it? No - three years ago...

    It's such a big step moving from primary to secondary school - enjoy the lasts while they last!

  5. I'm in the 'year of lasts' too; and tragically our sibling photo was so dreadful we didn't even buy one - both of the Lattes pulled the weirdest smiles.

  6. Yes, I remember Blossom's year of lasts fondly. My poor 11 yo however will never have a last year of primary school - he left Sydney with one year of "primary" to go and moved to Perth to "middle school" so while his friends have their lasts, my boy is having a year of "firsts" and high school is delayed until year 9...

  7. Sigh. Life whizzes on.

    Your boys are indeed lovely but not like each other at all, are they? (As my children aren't.)


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