Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fathers Day and The End of The Soccer Season!

Breakfast in bed for Fathers (or Mothers) Day is just not going to happen when you have kids playing junior league soccer. Fathers Day breakfast is a multi-tasking affair of putting on the correct attire (uniform for the kids, LOTS of layers and warm stuff for me) in between spooning mouthfuls of cereal into your gob, whilst looking up directions for the ground and making sure you have a drink bottle. Then it's one kid and one parent in one car and the others in the other (have I told you we've got a second car now? We inherited Fixit's Mum's car because she's not driving any more and oh my goodness it has made our lives soooooooo much easier!) and away we go.

Both kids were told they needed to win their games because of it being Fathers Day and they duly obliged.



Cherub decided to have his first ever crack at being a goalkeeper and only let in one goal, (I gather he did a reasonable job) and he certainly was bubbling with excitement when he and Fixit met up with me at Climber's game.


We won! We won!

Climber meanwhile kept a clean sheet in goal in the first half and was then allowed out to play on field as defender for the second half.


Our team didn't win as convincingly as they should have and Fixit started to become rather shouty on the sidelines, but the boys held on, and celebrated their last victory by running after their coach armed with drink bottles and giving him a good wetting.


After that it was time to go home and give Fixit his presents.


Our school holds a Fathers Day Stall and I'd given Cherub $12 with instructions to spend half and give the rest to Climber. However, when he got to the stall Cherub caught sight of an item that was high on his own birthday wishlist, a mini basketball set, with a ball and stick-on hoop, and being Cherub he couldn't resist buying it "for" Fixit. He also bought a World's Best Dad pen and thus overspent his allowed 50%, and then went on to just lose another dollar, so poor Climber was left with $3 to spend on Fixit. Undeterred, he bought a nice chocolate bar, carefully prised open the wrapping and inserted a Golden Ticket.



Cherub, meantime, is having a wonderful time playing with Fixit's new toy.


  1. Oh, Cherub, what can I say? My 8yr old tries similar things too, must be the age!

  2. Cherub is hilarious, while Climber is just the sweetest thing! Look at that card, what a keeper!

  3. How very sweet (well, Climber anyway). So sorry about your gas sagas. Grrr.

  4. That is adorable. Climber has such a big heart! And Cherub reminds me so of Abby. I would imagine Fixit was quite happy with both gifts!


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