Friday, September 28, 2012

The Show 2012, Our 7th Visit

We went to the Royal Melbourne Show with the Mothers Group Mob and a schoolfriend of Climber's on the first day of the School Holidays.


Jenny and Astrid and their children managed to last all day, but by 1.30 my crowd tolerance meter had well and truly expired, and so our contingent slipped away from the hordes and the noise.  I had to teach that evening so it *was* necessary not to fully exhaust myself.

This year, my kids found out about Showbag Hall, a secret I'd kept successfully from them for their previous 6 visits to the Show.  They'd had showbags before, but this year they were allowed to walk round the many stalls, and were given $10 each to spend there as they chose.  They chose chocolate, of course.  Chocolate with bonus Freddo Frog sunglasses in Cherub's case


As per usual, we patted animals in the animal nursery...


... and admired cats in the cat section.  In fact, we were quite lucky because as well as the cats that are there specifically for patting (mostly Burmese and Ragdolls)


... we also got to pat some more exotic breeds, the ones that are usually locked away sleeping in glass cages.  It just so happened our visit coincided with some owners coming to give their kitties a cuddle and a play, and they were quite happy to let us in on the action.  After admiring and stroking a princely looking silver Bengal, we lost our hearts to a tawny Somali who was the most affectionate and beautiful cat I've ever seen.  The kids had to be dragged away from her.


We managed a few rides as well; Fixit accompanied the big boys on the Techno Jump...


(they're blocking their ears to the hiss of the hydraulics)

I had to have my traditional whizz down the Giant Slide...

 (I tried - and failed - to persuade Jenny and Astrid to try it too, maybe next year, girls?)

 ... and the whole gang of kids went on The Magic Circus together, one of those house things where the floor goes up and down, and stuff. I seem to remember loving that sort of 'ride' best from childhood visits to Luna Park too.


We had fun in the Craft Hall too. After admiring the cakes, the kids got quite involved adding to the eco-cubby display...


... while the grown-ups enjoyed the really excellent yarn-bombing on display.

DSCN0426 DSCN0427 DSCN0431

Cherub wants me to knit a cat now.



  1. What a fun outing! Makes me wish I was a kid again...Your boys look so handsome and dashing in their Freddo sunglasses and very cool straw hat!

  2. Such fab pics! That yarnbombed tractor is amazing.


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