Sunday, September 16, 2012

Round Here

I bought a posh new tea set. It looks so pretty and makes a lovely cuppa.


I  did some screen-printing with Climber's class, printing a "y" onto some white shirts for their costume (as Gen Y) for their number in the Grade 5/6 Production.  It was a lovely thing to do with a great bunch of kids.

DSCN0411  DSCN0405

I've been making a few things for the School Fete Craft Stall.  First some dollies, next some bunting.

DSCN0400  DSC_9705

Fixit has been working on some grand design for his toolbox.  He has told me all about it but blah blah blah...huh?


We are watching this, and, as a friend predicted, I am starting to think in a Welsh accent.  The show is very, very funny.


We've also been watching the new series of Doctor Who.  It has been made available in Australia online as soon as it's aired in the UK, rather than making us wait for ages.  I walked in to find the boys watching it on the computer on a Monday afternoon; someone at school had told them about it.  When I voiced mild dismay because I'd planned for the whole family to sit down on a Saturday night to watch it on telly, the boys said kindly don't worry Mummy, we don't mind watching it again.  So that's what we did.


Doctor Who toys (sonic screwdrivers and daleks) have come out of semi-retirement for vigorous playing time once more.  Climber does some of his best imaginative play on the trampoline, chucking himself round like a maniac.  It's fantastic.


Yesterday after tap I left the boys buying sausage rolls with Fixit while I checked out a clothing sale.  They, of course, finished their shopping before me, and Fixit and Climber decided to head home, but Cherub wanted to come home with me, so Fixit told him to wait outside our local cafe.  When I emerged from my shopping I found him in tears on  the street - he didn't know where I was and thought I'd gone home without him.  It was absolutely heart-breaking, his tear-streaked face and the way he was trying to keep it together but completely panicking on the inside. Oy. My baby boy.


He bounced back though, he's a resilient second-born. And he does have something to look forward to...



  1. Great recap. I am totally impressed that you are now making stuff for a fete. I remember your very first knitting stitch!

  2. Do you know what cracks me up the most about that birthday list? The very last word. 'Random' (in brackets).

  3. I'm guessing Cherub likes Lego? :) Great round up!

  4. The new Doctor Who series has caused a great fuss here too. The girls watched it t school on Iview but were more than happy to watch it again.


  5. Cos basketball hoops that don't stick on the wall- well, they're just silly! And on the ground I guess! What a great list! Bags buying the Uno cards (the cheapest- and WHY does your boy not have Uno cards? I thought every kid got them at birth haha)

  6. Oh my brother got a Lego Gollum for his birthday (24th Dec) - he was 45!!


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