Thursday, February 22, 2007

It started with some jam...

This morning I had another Meeting In Real Life with fellow blogger Shula. (Aren't I just the social bloggerfly?) Which came about after I admired her jam-making and she promptly and generously offered me a jar. So we came together for coffee and breakfast at a cafe and we talked and talked - as if we'd known each other for ages. Gee it was nice. Cherub eventually informed us that he'd like to go home (he behaved admirably well and let us gab to our hearts' content) and we walked back to my car and only then did I remember that I'd brought my camera along with the intention of letting the Cherub try out his photographic skills. So no pictures I'm afraid. Maybe next time.

I think after years of waitressing and teaching I can do chat with new people. I used to be shy, which had a lot to do with an annoying and agonising propensity to blush. I remember my father telling me that I would grow out of it, which is mostly true (although it can still happen and when it does I swear you could see my face from outer space), but that is NOT MUCH HELP when you are 13 and paralysed in social situations involving members of the opposite sex or indeed anyone with a modicum of sophistication. However, these days, apart from a tendency to talk too much to overcompensate for any potentially awkward pauses in the conversation, I am mostly able to cope in any social situation. Today it didn't even feel like I had to draw on those hard-won skills. We just had a lovely connection and that was and is a good thing. She is as you'd expect her to be if you've read her blog. Funny, truthful, straight-talking and good company. So thanks Shula. And thanks for the jam too!!

PS. Blogger just tried to corner me into the dreaded upgrade but I dodged. Ha! (I hope these aren't famous last words...)


  1. Nummy jam!

    New Blogger is not so bad. It's actually annoying, because I had myself all steeled to hate it (it'll be complicated! I just figured out how to use this! on and on)'s really not so different.

    So why switch?

  2. Yes.

    I confess.

    It was lovely.

    And just for the record, The Cherub is even MORE gorgeous in Real Life.

    Get your head around that one.

  3. Don't you just adore this bloggy world. Sounds like a great morning.(Pea Soup came to my house after the Big Craft Meetup on Saturday, and we had a lovely chat). She wants to come next time we go out so we'll have to do it again soon!

  4. Kirsty and I met up this week too. It must be the week for 'real life'.
    Glad to hear that you had such a lovely time.
    Upgrade WILL get you!

  5. Have been catching up on blogs with my zippy new computer (see me whizz) and have enjoyed a whole page of you. What on earth is... forget the name, but the mysterious ingredient in your chicken thingie? Gremolata?

    New Blogger is fine as long as you have someone who knows what s/he's doing standing beside you. Eg my husband. I could lend him to you if you like? I'm sure he'd like a trip to Melbourne from Edinburgh.

  6. Lovely homemade Jam!
    Nice to have a MIRL.
    I used to blush, hideous outerspace red! I still do occasionally- but maybe it is just hot flushes now!!

  7. I blush all the time. As evidenced by the photos of the craft blog meet.

    I will blush when I meet you too one day.

    (Yes, Shula is great. I blushed when I met her too).

    PS. Hey! word verif. is lvfxt. Which I know you do.

  8. I'm not really scared of new blogger as such. I kind of know my way round html. It's become a game really. Who's going to be the last blogger standing?

    Gremolata (in technical terms) is parsley, garlic and lemon mush. Delishus!

    Suse: Oh no! If you blush then I will too and then we'll both get so embarrassed that I'll blush harder and so will you and then I'll be so embarrassed that I'll be swept back to my schooldays when my lovely schoolmates stood round me in a circle saying look she's gone red, look how red she is, her face is so red and I'll probably feel like running away and bursting into tears ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod.
    I think I need a lie-down.

  9. This is all very charming indeed, but the foodies in the audience are dying to know what KIND of jam it was the lovely and gracious Shula gave you.


  10. Plum. For you non-blushing foodie types. Mmmm.

  11. Blush, stammer, sweat, fidget........growing old does have it's compensations!

  12. I've decided that I better be at the meeting between you and Suse.

    Someone going to need to Keep it Together.

    Blushers. I live with one. They mystify me.

  13. Now that is a good idea. We were discussing whether we ought just wear veils over our faces ...

  14. Oh yum plum jam is delish.

    btw I love the term 'social bloggerfly'!

  15. Plum jam makes a superlative base for an Asian-ish barbecue sauce.

    So you know,


  16. Must be really nice to meet a fellow friendly blogger. Maybe someday....

  17. That's the beauty of the internet, you can take as long as you want to write something, consult the dictionary and spell checker and your thesaurus as many times as you need to, and all you end up with is a witty, well versed blog and everyone thinks you are smart and funny and well written. No stammering, stuttering, blushing or searching for the right words.

    Well, that's my story, anyway. :)

  18. Oh you are lucky to meet fellow bloggers. It's my pipe dream :)

  19. Why do you Melbourne bloggers live so far away? Wasn't there a fourth Charlie's Angel at one stage - a red headed one? My meetup with Bec seems so long ago now....

    Be warned I do know how to get on plane you know :-)

    So glad your meet up went well - it is truly a gift when you can feel at ease with someone.

    I'm off to read Shula's blog now...

    And homemade jam - yum yum!

  20. I have a tendency to not talk so much at all when i'm shy or unsure. It can come across as rude or aloof, but really my mind is desperately reeling for something meaningful to say ....


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