Saturday, February 17, 2007

Little Tappers

The little tap darlings from Saturday morning.
C for Cute.

I finally bit the bullet and separated the classes so now I have my Kindy Tappers (ages 3-5) :

and my Junior Shufflers (school-age to Grade2) :

It is fantastic. The concentration levels are so much better and I can do proper young stuff with the littlies and much harder stuff with the big kids. The progress is great. Today we worked on a couple of new routines...

... because the kids have been asked to do a couple of performances in late March. They are also great at just following my calls.

Cherub does both classes. Well, you know if Climber does it, then Cherub wants to.

That's fine by me. Both of them are making me proud.

It's a stinkin' hot weekend in Melbourne and I was blessing the air-conditioning in my hall today.

I have a choreographic chore to be getting on with, a potentially very exciting one! Fingers crossed that it comes about. I've been inspired by Ms Poppalina (aka Shula) and her Creative Act task whereby she commits to do something creative every day for a month and post about it. While I'm too late to be part of this, I am hoping to make the effort and try and set aside 30 minutes every day to work on choreography. So far so good, but Sunday's soaring heat might mean a day off ...


  1. That is so cute! G has just started fairy ballet and the school does offer tap... so who knows if it will end up in our future!

  2. ooooohhh i wish it wasnt so far away from me.......

  3. Stomper, what a champion you are. Look at all those pumpkins, I bet the noise level is impressive.

    Goddammit it's so HOT! My studio's about 50 degrees.

  4. What a great idea! I like the creative thinking that goes into that!

  5. Gosh, what a cute bunch of kids. And such a great activity for them!

    I always thought I'd be coaching girl's volleyball... sigh. Maybe if I ever move back to the states.

  6. This IS cute. If my wife saw these pictures, I'd bet the house it'd make her fallopian tubes squeak.


  7. Lordy, those babies are CUTE!
    Happy choreographying, SG.

  8. oh my god, your legs are FABULOUS. I have total leg envy.

    and the kids are cute too.

    do you do other "noisy" : ) dance (Irish step, or clogging types?) I've done some basic step dancing, and some of the foot positioning in your pics looks similar.

  9. BB - Tap dancing is like a descendant of the clog and Irish dancing families who married into the African American lineage! Heaps of similarities. I think you did well to spot that from pics of the kidlets though!

  10. OMG they are gorgeous! I want to come and watch, just to absorb the cuteness of them trying to do the steps.

    I can just imagine how bouncy Cherub's curls are as he is doing the steps too.

    You must never get the smile off your face during the class!

    PS. how come only one kid's face is blanked?

  11. (Oh Joke, mine are squeakin' real bad).

    Carolyn, if I join that class will I get legs like yours?

  12. If I lived down Melbourne way me and my kids would be sooooo coming to your tap classes. Yes! - one of the only after school thingies I could handle - no over-scheduling here ;-)

    And I've mentioned your legs way too many times already.....

  13. Aunty : Teaching those little patooties does indeed make me very happy and I often have the admiring audience of mums dads grandparents etc laughing and cooing behind me.
    (PS. Blanking at parental request)

    Suse : Tap is great for toning up legs. More importantly it is waaay more fun than jogging.

    Nutmeg: Perhaps you could consider a holiday South of the Border - the girls could come for a little drop-in class?!

  14. Hope your day was not too hot today!
    Lovely pics of the beautiful children.

    And yes, Lovely Legs!!

  15. Very cute.

    And yes, stinking hot down here this weekend. I was in Brisbane, where it was much cooler than here, and when I got home even the tiles in the bathroom were warm to the touch.

  16. I love the enthusiasm with which little ones embrace everything. Ask little ones 'who is a good tapper?' and they all say 'ME'. It is the absolute opposite to teenagers!

    By the way, Blogger won and I HAD to upgrade before I could log on.

  17. Wow, that looks like fun! I'm nearly 3 so I think I'll have to talk to my Mummy about joining a class!

  18. Holly and Scolly I went to visit you to say hi but you weren't 'home'. I hope you get to try tap. It's such fun.

  19. Ah, how lovely. The children look so enthusiastic and boy, aren't they concentrating hard! It's so wonderful that you can give your children, and other children, the gift of expressing themselves in such a pure way. Tapping is fab.

    Just as well you don't live in Sydney otherwise I'd have to bring the small one who already pretends he's tapping to Play School's I'm Walking In the City. He stands up on his toes and very carefully taps away. Funny.

  20. I was glad to get away from Melbourne heat for a while - too bloody hot down here ( and without A/C ! ).

    Qld was darling - still warm and lovely, but with cooling raining short breaks. And the grass is all LUSH and GREEN .. it was like a alternate universe .....


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