Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why Nell Went to The Dentist.

(alternative title : More Reasons to Stop Smoking)
Cherub to Nell : (having just noticed some nicotine stains)
"Have you got poo on your teeth?"

How a 6-year-old's brain works.

Fixit : (barking at Climber as he tries to chivvy him into getting dressed for school) Why are you hopping?
Climber : (hopping energetically towards the bedroom) I'm pretending I've got a broken foot.



  1. Good laughs!
    At least I've got you up & working on my blog again.

  2. Don't even try to get into their heads, kids just on't think like we do!

    Love it!

  3. Oh - my worst nightmare - being called 'poo teeth' ( and I don't even smoke :( )

    Her teeth look sparkle-arkel white and bright compared to my yellowy-orange stunners ...

    arrghh, teeth :(

  4. Oh oh oh, H&B you made me laugh so hard with your comment. I hope no-one ever, ever calls you poo teeth. *snort*

    Poor Nell went straight to the dentist for the clean and scale following my tactful cherub's remark.

    Arrgh teeth indeed.

  5. That is soooo funny! But scarey too, the way kids see things!

    But congrats to you Stomper, you have managed to incorporate Poo into 2 blogs in a row, and yet I still want to come back and read you tomorrow! :)

  6. Good for Cherub.

    Sometimes one must cut to heal.


  7. Well, on the 'bright' side, your teeth should look really nice sans nicoctine... ;-)

  8. Hilarious. Well, not the poo bit, but the hopping is pure genius. Of course, when he learns to keep quiet about his mischievous ways, he'll lead you a merry dance!!


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