Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Out and About

So the Adam Hills show was really good and Astrid and I had a great night out. Adam said hello to her during the show - and she was really embarrassed and uncomfortable about everyone looking at her! Not. Go see him if you can, he is VERY funny and also about the nicest, most charming person on the planet even when he's being rude to little old ladies (he made it up to them later by taking them with him to appear on Rove.)

This is Astrid in front of a stunning Melbourne night-time background.
Which you'll just have to imagine as it didn't really come up in the photo...

Don't eat at Transport though, if you're ever in Federation Square looking for food. (Or Fed Square as it's more commonly referred to because we Australians don't like words with too many syllables.) We sat down, waited while the so-called waiter ignored us a few times, then politely and nicely asked for a menu. Whereupon he took a moment to look very offended at this outrageous request and then without even making eye contact he chucked a menu onto our table and walked away before we could bother him any more. Needless to say, we left.

There appears to be a plague of Ferris Wheels in Melbourne this week. Sadly my camera is very bad at night photography.

Yay for nights out with the girls.


  1. I wanted to go see Adam Hills with you *sulk*. He's cute AND funny.
    Glad you had a good time (except for the crappy waiter).

    And, you're right - what is it with Australians and words of two syllables or less??

  2. Oh, unless you've got a ONE syllable name - then they'll add another one!!!
    (I should say "We" because Kiwis do it too.)

  3. So true. Both my kids have one-syllable names. And both apparently have an invisible "y" at the end of said names...

  4. How bloody annoying that they dont stick to REAL names. lol.
    And how many time have I wished to say, "I am a writer, & YOUR rudeness will be my next article!!"
    GRRR to rude waiters. I hope you notify the managment??

  5. Yes, rude wait staff seems to be a Melbourne institution in places like Fed Square and Southgate. It's like they're doing YOU a favour by coming in to work!!

  6. Sounds like fun, but the waiter part -- nice job walking away. I never know what to do in those situations, part of me wants to run the rude one down for a little chat -- "What's going on? Hate your job? Trying to give up smoking? Don't like my hair color? Why are you so miserable?" But the shy part of me just wants to run... and then sulk about it for a while!

  7. Hey, one of those Ferris Wheels is from Geelong!!! We went on another one at Southgate a few weeks ago, wheeee, what fun! Adam Hills is great, do you watch Spicks & Specks?

  8. Americans are allergic to excess syllables as well, but we don't lop any off so much as we turn the whole thing into an acronym.


  9. I seem to turn invisible in restaurants. The rest of the table gets their food and I am left waiting for ages for mine, if it ever turns up that is. Often the chef has forgotten to cook it. Grrr

    Why do I know the name Adam Hills. Off to google it I think

  10. Adam Hills is ace - glad you had a good time. Totally agree with meggie's comment!

  11. In the states waiters don't get paid very much. Most of their income is from tips, so being rude to customers will negatively impact your income, as in fewer and smaller tips. Hope the syllable count in this comment is manageable!

  12. I read a fantastic article about Adam Hills in one of the weekend newspaper magazines. He sounded wonderful and I would LOVE to see him. Lucky you!

    Arrogant waiters and poor service piss me off a lot! I mean, all they are paid to do it look after the customer and if they don't want to do that then they should get a job where they don't have to be bothered by people.

  13. You would have done better eating at Chocolate Buddha.

  14. Maybe Melbourne could do a Big Surly Waiter, like the Big Pineapple.

  15. All the people in your life look really nice!

    Your kids are adorable, and Nell looks like someone I would really like. Astrid looks friendly and pretty, and she also looks like she would be fun to be with.

    Realising this makes me look kind of pathetic, but hey!

  16. I do so love Adam Hills - lucky you! I am not a name shortener by nature. I will always address you as stomper, never stomp.

  17. Meggie - You should use that line; it's fantastic!
    Joyflea, Liz, Jo, Molly and SF - I'm never intimidated by bad waiters because I waitressed for years in 'cool' bars but I do get very pissed off. Because it's not really rocket science... and as Molly says, being nice always improves the tips.
    H&S - We never miss Spicks & Specks. Wednesday night is tv night at our house.
    Joke - FS? HTH. DMI. AT.
    Velcro - Adam Hills does lots of stuff in your end of the world. He lives in the UK for 4 months a year.
    Shula - Now you tell me.
    Susannah - a giant surly waiter is inspired. And I would put it smack bang out the front of Transport.
    Aunty - It's the way I photograph them. Actually no, they are tremendously nice and great fun to go out with.
    and finally: thanks Trace ;-)

  18. Adam Hills comes to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and we went to see him one year. He was indeed good. We sat near the back, though, to be safe!

  19. Your camera will take lovely night photos if you turn off your flash. However, if you want to mix a lit up foreground subject and a night time scenic background it'll probably always be a bit of a trade off. The shot with Astrid in the foreground is a prime example of a trade off, but if the flash was off in that one then, depending the natural foreground lighting, the background may well have come up nicely. The ferris wheel shot on the other hand was a prime candidate for taking the flash off, coz there is no foreground.
    I'm no expert mind you, this is just something I fiddled with recently with my new camera. Your other kin could no doubt give you plenty of more accurate info in the realm of photography.

  20. That ferris wheel looks cool !

    Night photog. is hard, unless you're an expert, I reckon - don't-worry-about-it..

    I just call the Square F2 ( that's supposed to be "F" to the power of 2 - ie: SQUARED ! .. can you believe how hilarious I am ? )

    Anyway Stomps, glad you and Ast had a good time. Now i'd better prepare some dins for the hubs.

    And bad waiters SUCK ARSE. And get blogged about, so beware bad waiter readers ;)

    Have I been drinking ?

  21. oh, and I missed out on going to see "Keating!" this week ( free tix too ), because my babysitter ( ie: husband ) was out of town, and it was my other babysitter ( ie: my mother ) holding out the invite.

    Spoke to her today and they were front row and got picked on. She had to wipe Alexander Downer's sweaty bosum. Yew.

  22. Ugh. I hate waiters with attitudes.

    Like ferris wheel lights at night, too...

  23. just got an email from the hubs, telling me about a dinner we've been invited to at "Taxi", which is part of Transport.

    Had to come back and look, as I was sure it was the place of your bad review ;)

    oh well ... i'm not paying ...


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