Monday, July 02, 2007

The Blue Knitted Hat

Finished my first ever knitting project last night!!

Not bad going for an absolute beginner. (I decided not to show you the side with the gaping hole from the dropped stitch)

Here it is as modelled by the Climber, perfect attire for a cricket match, don't you think?

Here's the Cherub, showing us what the modish Space Ranger will be wearing this winter.

Looks alright with two such attractive models, even if one of them is pouting..

But when I wear it, I have this sinking feeling...

... that it looks a bit like I'm wearing a blue knitted condom on my head.


  1. Well done from one not-very-experienced knitter to another. If no one wears it you could always use it for a tea cosy. (Do Australians use such things?)

  2. Choke! I was nodding along with you until I got to the bit about the condom, then I splorked my water all over my monitor.

  3. Beautiful work! Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?

    PS I'm fairly certain that woollen condoms have NO contraceptive value, particularly those with a dropped stitch. Proceed with caution!

  4. Yes, well... can you see why I have a built in aversion to hats??

  5. Very impressive especially since you've just started out.

  6. Ha! Well done. Very ambitious to do a hat first off. I did scarves for years before I attempted one. It doesn't look like a condom, not any that I've seen anyway.

  7. Definately a condom, but only after you mentioned it.

    Looks un-condomish on the kids though - perhaps you just have a penis-head ?

    P.S. - Did Climber get into your eyeliner ?

  8. Isabelle - I think a tea cosy is a great idea, I could definitely fit the spout into the dropped stitch gape-hole. The handle would be problematic though.
    Tanya - sorry about the monitor, hope no damage done.
    Tracey - Yes I did feel a sense of accomplishment, followed by disappointment when I realised I could never wear it in public.
    Meggie - so no point sending it to you, then?
    Uli - that is very kind of you to say, especially after seeing what it looked like on my head.
    LC - I'm actually working on the matching scarf now, although can obviously never wear the set out, see above.
    H&B - Well I'm sure I've been called a dickhead before but I never thought it was in relation to my physiognomy [sp?]

  9. Well done you. Penis head 'n all.

    Hey Tanya, 'splorked' is a fabulous word. Mind if I borrow it?

  10. great hat even if a little knobby!

  11. Congratulations! Sew a little flower on that dropped stitch hole and call it a design improvement :)

  12. Great! I can't believe you finished it without me....sulk.
    Pity about the condom thing, oh well and a dropped stitch is obligatory on a first project. Even for you.

  13. becandcall.typepad.comTue Jul 03, 11:56:00 am GMT+10

    It's very, very beautiful.

    In the interest of accuracy, I feel the proportions make it more like a diaphragm than a condom.

  14. Just checking in to see if I offended you over the penis-head thing.


  15. Hmm. A giant blue knob-warmer.

    I am NO ONE to slag off someone elses knitting, so YAY YOU!!!

  16. I'm just sooooo impressed that you started it, kept going and finished it amongst all your other stuff!

    And I loved your description of getting a little blotto the other night - are you sure we haven't had a night out together or is it a red-head thing the look in the mirror and giggle thing?

    And thanks to you and Aunty for the explanation of the 1-80 skiping - all cleared up now. I suppose I could have guessed but I didn't want to look too out of touch ;-)

  17. Condoms never looked so becoming ...

    My choice of words here is probably a little dubious ....

    Bring on the Kaffe Fassett creation...

  18. My goodness, that's a nice picture of Climber!

    Cherub looks irritated - was his turn to wear the bright blue hat up?

  19. It's very, um, blue.

    But, hey at least you learned to knit and finished it!

  20. Snap! That hat looks mighty like the one I've just least I think that's what mine may look like if I could be bothered sewing it up. I got all gung-ho on the knitting, not so much on the sewing...

  21. How accomplished are you? A knitted hat is a knitted masterpiece!

    Laughed during the condom bit!

  22. Damn it's taken me 3 days to download these photos. MDH decided that this was the month he wanted to download all the music he has ever wanted in his whole life, and left us with no broadband, only dial up speed! Pure hell.

    But now I can see you. How nice! You are right, it doesn't do a thing for you. Lucky you have such cute kids, they kind of offset it, you know? :)

    Actually, you all look like something out of May Gibbs Gumnut Babies!

    Anyway, well done for finishing. I really mean that. When you become the next Jenny Kee, I can say I knew you when you were a dick-head! :)

  23. those pictures crack me up, especially the one of your little spaceranger. I started having forest party (circa 1996) flashbacks. Then I started reading the comments. More giggles.

    Still, it's a great hat, magnificent first knitting effort.


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