Friday, July 13, 2007

Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can.

Fixit has been letting the boys watch Spiderman in the morning. I don't approve, not because of the violence so much (although I'm not mad about them watching violence but hey, you grow two boys, you get less precious about this stuff) but because it's on a commercial station and I Don't Let The Kids Watch Commercial Television. Yes, I am the nanny-state. What are you going to do about it? The kids have the choice of the ABC or their impressive array of acceptable videos. (Thomas the Tank Engine & The Wiggles feature heavily in our collection.)

I'm really just repeating how I was raised. I grew up in Canberra and in my younger years there were only 2 channels to choose from. But even so, we didn't visit that commercial station much. My parents hated advertisements. And guess what? So do I! Qu'el surprise. Nell is not afflicted with this and had to be all sorts of alert when she lived with us, otherwise Fixit and I would give her dirty looks when she forgot to mute the ads. She reckons she barely hears them. And she's always telling me about this or that funny ad, and then remembering that of course I won't have seen it. So now sometimes I have to watch a funny one (Hi I'm a Mac or the pirate & the bandaid) so that I know what's she's talking about. She's my ad-filter. She tells me which ones are okay to watch.

I do remember as we got older and more in tune with peer group pressure that we were let off the ABC leash to watch shows in the 5-6pm slot, such as Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Lost in Space and The Brady Bunch. After 6pm, of course, we wanted to return to the ABC for the golden hour of telly : The Goodies followed by Doctor Who. And I also think the rules had relaxed a bit more by the time my brother was 6-ish, because I know he watched Thunderbirds and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Anyway, back to Spidey and the dreaded commercials. Fixit is being good about it. It's all supervised. Obviously, it helps that he's getting a huge kick out of watching Spiderman too. He was muting the sound when the ads came on, but you could see the boys were still veeeeery interested in the commercials, so he has started flicking back to ABC Kids so that their little minds are not contaminated with consumerist longing for expensive, noisy and useless crap.

In the meantime the one Spiderman costume in our dress-up box is in high demand. No fisticuffs yet though.


In other news, I made sourdough bread from the starter and recipe kindly provided by Pea Soup. I've never attempted bread before.

I feel like such an earth mother now.


  1. OOh yum, that bread looks nice!

    As for the ads, how on earth would I be able to find out what was on the other stations if it wasn't for them. I drive MDH absolutely bonkers with my channel surfing during the ads.

    I'm not going to tell you again what cute kids you have.

  2. Salt of the earth mother, you are.

    Looks yum.

  3. Good for you baking that bread! But I am really responding to the memories you awoke re the TV we were allowed to watch when we were young. I watched exactly the same shows as you once my Mum and Dad relaxed (at one stage the Waltons was considered too adult for us - THE WALTONS!!!!) except I could not watch Dr Who because the theme music freaked me out. And I remember a show called Catweasle too. I think because Mum and Dad were so strict I am less so - but I have to say that the fruit does not fall far from the tree in what I will allow the kids to watch...Mary (thanks for calling in )

  4. Man, that bread looks good!!! We were ABC snobs too when our kids were babies.
    And bluemountainsmary, Catweasel was my FAVOURITE programme when I was about seven. I can hardly remember it now, but I know from my parents stories how big it was in my life at the time :)

  5. I lived in rural WA as a child. It was definitely the ABC in our house too. The Goodies, Dr Who, Catweasel, and OMG my favs Logan's Run and Andra.

    BTW love the bread, looks yum!

  6. We've given up on tv altogether - it is just dvds now... (for the kids and adults). I can't stand the ads!

  7. two kids and one costume is maybe not such a bad thing... it means less of an opportunity for public embaressment for little supperheros- ie being drgged screaming and kicking accross the suppermarket ilse by their cape cause mum won't let them get the lollies advertised on tv... although of course you have nipped this one in the bud too?

  8. God, that bread looks divine !!

    I watch more ads then television .. because, well, I love ads, I love the industry, and I think ads are often more funny/witty and interesting than actual programming.

    All my life ( in my 2-station town also ;) all I wanted to do was work in advertising and write ads and jingles for tv .. so I guess I still pay attention.

    I hate it when AB 'flicks' during the ad break. I hate people that flick. I never change channels.

    And sometimes. The background tune in ads, leads me to a new musical artist. Such is the case with the new Ebay ad .. which is really very good.

  9. Mmmm. Bread. I think I'll just reach through the monitor and take the whole loaf! It looks yummy.

    I'm with you regarding commercial TV. We have a TiVo, happily. The boy gets Charlie & Lola, Wiggles or Dragon Tails. We zip through the commercials, which on U.S. TV are as plentiful as flies or ants at a picnic.

    The Spiderman costume is spiffy.

  10. The bread looks wonderful! I'll bet the house smelt nice...

    And your boys probably ate it all by now, right?

  11. Wow, that bread does look fab!
    GOM also surfs while the ads are on. I manage to tune them out, so never know what anyone is talking about when discussing funny ones.
    Great pics!

  12. I may be joining you in the earth mother hall of fame if I can figure out how to make jam from these figs.....

  13. That is a rockin loaf you have there, girl.

  14. I absolutely ban commerical television as well. I don't know whether it's just to make me feel better about letting them watch tv at all, or if it really does help make them a wee bit less consumer hungry. All I know is if they watch ads then they develop an uncontrollable lust for almost anything that is advertised. It's a losing battle, I know ... but we must do what we can.

    BTW - Spiderman always seemed like the most piss-weak of super heroes to me. He can spin a web but that's about it in the super powers department. You'd think at least he'd have deadly venom or something!

  15. I didn't watch a lot of commercial TV growing up...I remember with great fondness the ABC's early evening programming in the 70s!

    However, once I was let off the leash and got my OWN tv (i.e at Uni) I became a bit of a commercial TV junkie. Still love it.

    I do share your concerns about advertising during children's TV girls get fairly limited exposure to commercial TV (except during holidays when it is basically a free-for-all!), but in that time they do see some pretty undesirable ads.

    Had to laugh once when Queenie saw me cleaning the bath, and said, "Have you ever tried using Easy-off Bam? It would make that a whole lot easier."

  16. oh Fairlie - that is hilarious !!

    My boy often tells me "BAM! .. and the dirt is gone"...

    He also says "Good Morning Max!" to people at random, after that fat-schoolkid-in-the-car ad.

    Stomper would be horrified ... :)

  17. Your bread does look delicious.
    When I was small our mother told us the ABC was the only channel we could get on our TV. Our cousins were allowed to watch commercial TV and I assumed that because their TV was colour that was why they could get the other channels. (Ours was black and white, and tiny, we went to the neighbours to watch Lady Di's wedding in colour!)

  18. We watch NO tv in the mornings - never have. My children only ever watched ABC kids in the afternoon until the newsbreak came on - around 5pm I think, then it went off.

    My boy still had a spiderman costume though - it may have been due to the movie being released - he loved it!

  19. Fixit is right. Stan Lee is a god amongst nerds, they need spiderman. With great power comes great responsibility. How can you not love that!?!

    Spiderman rocks!

    I have a fabulous cover of The Ramones doing the Spiderman song I can send you if you want.

    yes yes I am a big fat nerd

  20. The only problem with commercial TV is the commercials. Hence we record and zip.


    P.S. For reasons wholly unrelated to parenting and wholly related to having had a cheap-o TV with minimal reception, I grew up watching our version of "state" TV which explains a LOT.

  21. Yes. All my good work in the "no ads" department goes down the drain when the diva visits her grandparents ;-) I woke the other morning at 3am and decided to compose my speech to my mum on how I don't want the diva watching ads or the 5pm news!!!!! It took me a while to go back to sleep as I got a little worked up.....

    Anyway - that bread looks absolutely scrumptious :-)

  22. I'll let MF watch a handful of cartoons in the morning now, although he's really not that interested (hooray)... I'll either mute the commercials or switch to BBC news when they come on for a few minutes... I so don't want advertisers trying to convince hiim that he 'must' have something.

  23. The bread looks amazing.
    I detest commercials -- absolutely cannot abide them.
    We weren't allowed to watch Love Boat when I was growing up.

  24. I'm a commercial Nazi too. Let's just say I dropped my guard last weekend and let the boy watch Dora the Explorer on a commercial station and NOW HE WANTS A BABY ALIVE DOLL.

    ps. I've been trying to leave you comments for weeks but something was playing up and Blogger wouldn't let me. No one else's blogs, just yours. Weird. (But I kept reading!!!)

  25. The bread is making me hungry! And I just ate lunch.

    My pet peeve of the moment is commercials at the movie theater! Rob and I went to see Harry Potter Saturday and had to sit through 10 plus minutes of COMMERCIALS (not movie previews). Coke, Army, cologne, jeans.... That is what used to be great about the movies.... NO Commercials!

  26. I laughed out loud at the title of your post. My two have been begging me to pull up the "original intro song" again and again on YouTube ever since I started singing the song while they played spidey. As for no ads, you are not alone, that is the only reason I agreed to a DVR.


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