Friday, July 06, 2007

Pieces of Eight arrrrrrr.

A meme featuring Eight Random Things about Me. As tagged by Joanne.

1. I hang my socks and jocks on the outermost line of the Hills Hoist, which I think is contrary to most people's notion of washing-line etiquette. But I lived for many years in a small garden and tall roses would spike anything long (like t-shirts & jeans) on the outer line. Some habits are hard to break.

2. I am very good at cryptic crosswords, although probably a bit rusty since the second child arrived.

3. I eat and enjoy meat but I really, really don't like handling it, and will always opt to buy pre-cut stuff. Even if it costs more.

4. I used to play the piano and I really loved it it. When we win the lottery I want to get us one.

I don't seem to have a picture of me playing, so here is one of my sister playing
while I talked about it with my maternal Grandfather.
I think Bron & I were in our early-to-mid-teens

5. I am a complete fraidy-cat and have no desire to parachute or bungee jump or even go on scary fair-ground ride.

6. Riding on the back of Fixit's motorbike was about as brave as I got, but when I say brave you should bear in mind that the whole time my brain would be imagining unspeakable accidents such as losing a leg, and how fucked up my tap career would be if that happened. I stopped doing it as soon as I was pregnant with the Climber.

7. But I wouldn't mind a hot-air balloon trip. They look gentle, and I believe you get champagne.

8. I have almost returned to my normal colour.

Apparently I should now tag 8 people but I am going abstract with that concept and just tagging any readers who live in Queensland. Because I've just discovered that my birthday falls on Queensland Day.


PS. And since she reads here, I would like to wish my Mum a happy birthday this week, which was a bit neglected due to iron-transfusions & school holidays.


  1. I had to blink a number of times at that photo. The hairdo, top, couches and curtains all look strangely familiar.

    I bungy jumped once and can't remember a thing about it - I think I was to busy wetting my pants at the time. My video tape of it has gone walkabout and now no-one believes I did it. Waste of time. Balloon trip with Champas sounds a whole lot more memorable!

  2. Can highly recommend a balloon trip. Very gentle and we did get champagne. Though we had to get up very early, I'd love to do it again.

  3. You won't find me bungie jumping or parachuting anytime either. Or on the back of a motorcycle, for that matter. I like my limbs where they are now, thank you very much. :-)

    I would love to get a piano, too. I grew up with both a piano and an organ in the house.

  4. I hand everything on the line, BUT jocks and socks, which I hang inside. Growing up, we had to share public lines, and snowdropping was creepy and rife ..

    Ditto on the meat, piano and no to bungee-jumping et al.

    Love the piccie :)

  5. Stomper,

    I, too, had that exact haircut.

    Thankfully, no surviving photos, though.

  6. sorry memes are a pain in the butt I know but hey atleast I know where you hang your undies

  7. I wouldn't bungee jump either and no amount of champagne could get me into a hot air balloon.

    I hand my unmentionables on the inside, so they're hidden by the sheets and towels. Because I am a Victorian prude.

  8. I hang my smalls out- for the same reason you started to. We have a Maple tree, & a fern tree, & they get the long things if they are on the outer lines!
    Not even a balloon ride for me. My son Bungeed- I die a little every time I see the video!

  9. well, I just came over to tag you, this meme's all over the blogosphere like some sort of virus.

    I loved your things, especially that old photo and i'm a scaredy cat too. For good reason I think.

  10. I think we all had that haircut didn't we? It was obligatory.

    Happy birthday Mrs Stomper!

    (There is a one legged tap dancer I believe, and one day I'll tell you how I know that).

  11. No extreme sports for me either, although I love to WATCH kiteboardeers at the beach. A few years ago i let myself be talked into a rollercoaster ride. I seriously thought I was going to DIE! Terra firma for me for the rest of my days....
    Happy Birthday Stomper's Mom! We were told you'd be starting your own blog---???

  12. OK, cease and desist with the mental pics of deer on surfboards---it's just a typo!

  13. Ooo interesting stuff! I always like reading the tagged stuff to see if what the taggee tells matches with the bloggee persona.

  14. I went hot air ballooning in Alice Springs in 2000, and I have to say, it was spectacular!!

    Getting in was easy, I was very ladylike, considering I had to clamber over the side.

    The ride was gorgeous,

    I got cocky on the exit of the basket though, and fell straight on my face. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So I cried. Now I can laugh!

    The champagne and chicken breakfast nearly made up for the trauma though.

    (I didn't really cry)

  15. Oh, happy birthday Stomper's Mum. We must be nearly twins.

    I'm with you on the dangerous and exciting activities. Life is dangerous and exciting enough without adding to it.

  16. Pic: Love the lamp and I had that very same hairstyle. I'm a scardy too 'cept I won't even do motorcycles and I do love the odd roller coaster (but nothing that lets me hang or drop). We too live in a pre-cut meat buying house.

  17. The hairstyle was what we called a "flick" in Canberra, and owed a lot to Abba...

    I'm quite heartened to hear that I am not alone in my lack of dare-devilry.

    The one-legged tap-dancer mentioned by Suse is Peg Leg Bates and if you look him up on youtube you can see extraordinary footage of him. He was very athletic and lost his leg in his teems. The things he could do...

    And Isabelle, you and my mother do share a birthday!

  18. Count me in for the hairdo, although mine came with major flicks Farrah Fawcett style.

    Re pianos, have you checked eBay? ours came from there free as long as we did the moving.

    Am about to do your tag for the horrifying sounds meme - the sound of a friend's 12 year old doing a Jerry Lee Lewis on the dodgy end of our free piano's keys is probably going to make the list.

  19. I hear you on the cryptics. I miss them like crazy.

  20. I could take your first three things and reverse them for myself. As for adrenalin inducing activity I lost my taste for that stuff when I gained my first child. I also gained motion sickness!?? Speaking of haircuts, I saw some girls with the good old teased straight up in the air fringe on telly the other day, remember that? and socks over your jeans?

  21. Thanks for birthday wishes. It passed in a whoosh, due to having been on jury service for weeks now. I can't even dwell on how old I am, obviously a much easier age than the significant birthday so recently celebrated.
    Happy birthday too, Isabelle. How nice to share a birthday, as we evidently have much in common.

  22. I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon :)

  23. Scaredy cat here too ... don't do heights, depths or confined spaces...

    Don't miss them either.

    You are such a demure looking young lady ... have you managed to carry this admirable quality into adulthood?


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