Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In which I am spoiled some more.

It's like my birthday just keeps on going. First Shula announced that she's made me a purple scarf. To date, this wonderful woman has given me her home-made jam & muesli, and now she's offering me her lovely crafting. I only wish I had the skills to reciprocate. Maybe I will start sending slabs of cake in the mail to her as my best offering..

Then my Mum came to stay, bearing Sheridan sheets. See the red Myer bag on the floor near Cherub? That's them. They're white. And luxurious. So we baked her some cupcakes (and arranged them attractively on the new cupcake stand, birthday present from my friend Astrid) to celebrate her forthcoming birthday in July; she'll be back in Sydney on the actual date and might not have someone to whip up cupcakes with hundreds and thousands. Much less help with the candle-blowing. I know this is not a madly flattering photo but I couldn't resist the snippet of Cherub taking a big breath.

Here's a better photo...

More goodness arrived via Australia Post in the form of a brown paper parcel not tied up with string but definitely bearing a favourite thing. From the lovely Jac at Six Impossible Things who realised she could help me with my tea fetish. Anyone for a cuppa? I can even help the Earl Grey drinkers now.

The tea arrived on the same day as the hat I ordered from Stacey at Sheep's Clothing. I love it so much I want it to stay winter so I can wear it every day.

It goes strikingly well with the purple scarf from my friend and knitting supervisor Jenny, another birthday present. Stacey also sent me a knitted flower hair tie and some fund-raising chocolate. Which I've only half-eaten.

I feel simultaneously not worthy and also that I could get very used to this.


  1. Wot, someone else gave you a purple scarf?!

    Damn, I'm not sending it now

  2. *lies prostrate on the floor and begs* No, Shula!!! I can do justice to more than one purple scarf, I can I can I can!!!

  3. I've seen her do great justice to a purple scarf - I know SG can do justice to more than one!

    You deserve all of this.

    And does Climber look like his grandmother or am I imagining it?

  4. My goodness me. Climber looks so very grown up in that photo. It is amazing how those second teeth change their faces!

    I wish you MANY purple scarves! You will do justice to them all.

  5. Happy happy happy Spoiling!
    from Me x

    ps Shula, you could send that scarf to me. I don't have a purple one (ooh BIG lie) and SG doesn't need it. I can tell.

  6. Seriously, we need to get together and drink Tea ! Do you do russian caravan? I could bring chocolate.

  7. And a belated happy birthday! The purple hat is most excellent!!

  8. Er, when WAS your birthday? I feel like I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you every few weeks. Or maybe I'm just going insane.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for whenever it actually is, my friend!

  9. Glad to participate in the gifting celebrations! And I couldn't resist adding Earl Grey... hope the smell of it didn't permeate the whole package for you!

  10. Gee, how lucky are you?? Tea, knitted goods, new sheets.... When was your birthday exactly?

  11. I think you're doing the right thing. Birthdays should ooze along for as long as possible.

  12. did I miss a birthday? did I not read carefully? Oh dear


    I love purple too and the purple hat and scarf are fabulous. Can't have too much purple - and as a double bonus, it's fashionable. yay.

  13. Yes, the hat is gorgeous!

    And the scarf.

    And is the scarf from Shula like the one on her blog the other day? Cause I was sure it was for you, until I'd read the comments, anyway, lucky you!
    and everyone deserves to be spoilt now and then.

    And, yay for new sheets.

    And Happy birthday Stompermama.

  14. I saw the scarf on Shula's site too. It looks gorgeous.
    As for the fundraising chocolate - I hate sending the box back to school so usually buy it myself and then give it all away before I ending scoffing it down my throat whilst hiding in the pantry.
    The hat looks good!

  15. Such generous friends you have. I loved seeing all the booty And visiting the bloggers from whence they came!

  16. When will this stomper spoiling end? I wish your cup would runneth over into mine!


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