Sunday, June 08, 2008

The posh dinner

The posh dinner on Friday night was funded by our trifecta winnings. I have kept a small roll of $50 notes bundled in a secret compartment of my wallet since November because I wanted to do something nice with it. And although I have had to dip it into several times during cash-flow crises, I always replenished it with the view to treating ourselves one day.

The posh dinner was organised to celebrate our anniversary. Originally I thought it was our 15th anniversary, which seemed to call for a special celebration; you know, made it through the 14-year-itch and all. But then I counted it up properly, using my fingers, and realised it's actually our fourteenth year of togetherness. But by that stage I was really quite looking forward to a night out with my man, and why is 14 less worthy of celebration than 15? Just because you can't divide it by 5? So the booking was made and maybe we can look at it as an ounce of prevention for any nasty scratchy sessions in the year to come.

The posh dinner was made possible by Nell coming over to babysit for us, and she was rewarded by having Cherub follow her everywhere for the next day and a half, including to the bathroom, and the offer of birthday cake.

The posh dinner was sensational. We went to Matteo's. It was really good. I had a prawn tortelone with seared scallops on the side in a carrot sauce for entrée and a goats cheese tart with baby beetroot and a parsnip mash with a shallot sauce for mains, and then I made Fixit order the dessert I wanted because I was so full but I really needed a taste of the blood orange sorbet.

The posh dinner nearly didn't happen because when I suggested it to the stressed up Fixit, he was in a very negative state of mind (due to the new job) and straightaway looked for All the Bad Things about A Posh Night Out. But when the worst things he could come up with was the prospect of slightly alarming or complicated cutlery, we found our sense of humour and laughed him out of his concerns. And he discovered that a posh night out can be lots of fun. And not a fish fork or a splade in sight. Phew.

I forgot to bring Fixit's anniversary present along to the posh dinner but I gave it to him when we got home: some mini Moo cards of our best achievement as a couple, the Climber and the Cherub.

During the posh dinner some women at another table cackled raucously at something. Fixit said romantically And I thought your laugh was bad. I said my laugh's not bad! and he said Mmm. S'pose. It just kind of explodes out of you. Like a sneeze.

Romance. Alive and well. Happy anniversary Mister Fixit. x.


  1. Here's to exploding laughter! It's one of the best types, because it's genuine and infectious.

    I like those Moo cards - I envision grandparents getting trading card notebooks and battling over collecting the entire set.

  2. Oh, the thing about your laugh makes me like you EVEN MORE. I have the MOST obnoxious laugh ever, so I appreciate the same in others.

    Happy anniversary, youse two! Sounds like a lovely evening!

  3. if the worst thing to explode out of you is your laugh ..then he is a very lucky man!

  4. Men, so romantic.

    I think when men don't want to go out to a Posh Restaurant it's because they're worried. Worried about the fish knife, making 'the right' conversation and remembering not to tuck the white napkin into the collar of their shirt. Then they get there, relax, realise it's all okay, maybe even fun and make comments about exploding laughs.

    Funny little things, husbands.

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy 14! They do say the most romantic things, don't they? Mine was comparing his hands to Ernie's (Sesame Street). Then he looked at mind and dubbed them "construction-worker hands"!!

    (I was actually kind of pleased by that, tought I tease him mercilessly about it....)

    Sounds like a lovely evening. Thanks for taking us along!

  6. Who did make the rule that anniversaries that are divisible by 5 or 10 are the most important?

    Fourteen years and two beautiful boys - you've done well! (I wanted to say 'you've done good' in that slang kind of way, but it really is wrong)

  7. If you want to be really wrong Tracey, it would be 'You done good."

    I love Tanya's idea of the grandparents battling over collecting the entire set of Moo cards. I think I may give a set to my Mum just to get the grandchild swap-card trend started!

    Happy anniversary to you both! 14 years...15 years...anything over 7 is quite an achievement!

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    Yep that romance is alive and well here too, last anniversary Nick just said "no point getting you flowers they just die"
    I think he still has the shits that I lost the eternity ring he gave me last year (it's his fault it was too big!)

  9. Happy Anniversary! Fourteen is indeed a significant achievement. In a similar vein one of my uncles had a very big 31st birthday party.

    Um, in light of, I gather, not actually having had a legal ceremony type thing (much like myself) is it decent to ask what it's an anniversary of?

    We couldn't think of anything to have an anniversary of, at least, nothing we could remember the dates of, so we nominated "first weekend of October" because it didn't clash with any of our family's birthdays. Neither of us being terribly romantic, but inclined to Make An Effort.

  10. Happy Anniversary Stomper and Mr F - I too love the idea of your exploding laughter.

    And the moo cards.

  11. It's the anniversary of our first kiss. Awww.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stomper, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both as well. From us.

  13. Awww.

    When we said we were going away for our anniversary the Bloke's mother said "what's it the anniversary of? Oh I don't think I want to know".

    We had to hurriedly assure her we weren't commemorating anything Like That.

  14. Happy anniversary from me too. And many of them.

    Romance is overrated, I think. Love is better.

  15. Fourteen years and still laughing together over complicated cutlery(even if laughing explosively....which personally I think is the very BEST kind of laughter). Congratulations!

  16. Happy Anniversary! I agree, any anniversary is worthy of celebration!
    As to romantic remarks... hmmmn I have heard worse!

  17. So long as your mouth isn't full when you laugh!!

    Happy Anniversary!! Food sounded divine! You are like me - make hubby order the dessert I want!

  18. Well, personally I have never noticed anything bad about your laugh, I thought you had a normal laugh actually, whatever that means.

    No pics of your cute new skirt?

  19. Happy anniversary!!

    The posh dinner out sounds just lovely.

  20. Nice! I like that purple top...and I like it even better on you!

    Happy anniversary!!

  21. So many celebrations, you lucky thing - and I agree that still laughing raccously after all these years is an excellent sign and reason to celebrate. Love reading your posts and recognising local landmarks, Matteos is so yum and indeed posh, but without making you feel stupid, just very, very full. Congratulations on the togetherness, looks like you're keeping those glasses balanced nicely

  22. But he loves you anyway, in spite of your exploding laugh. That's what he meant. I figure that perhaps, if I live to be quite old, I will eventually understand the male mind.

    Who am I kidding?

  23. Belated Happy Birthday Stomper! Yet another mercurial creature .... And also Happy Anniversary to you and Fixit! ......

    Loved the Cherub football commentary!

  24. Hey! Where's the scintillating comment I left here the other day??Among other cutting observations you were wished a very happy birthday [us geminis have to stick together!] and many more happy years with that romantic man!

  25. Since I just remembered some of the scintillating content of my lost comment, I have to share! I said [then blogger swallowed it] that I love a person who laughs like she means! I do.....

  26. .....Oh gawd! Not doing well here! "I love a personlaughs like she means IT!"

  27. ...Never mind......maybe I should just go back to sleep and forget trying to be coherant for today....

  28. The posh dinner sounds divine. I'm not quite sure why they're called Moo cards, but that is a very cute idea.


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