Sunday, June 01, 2008

Running Commentary

This morning Climber spied a small soccer ball from his marble set on the ground. As is the wont of young boys, he began to kick it along accompanied by his own commentary. Don't you love it when you see kids doing that? Especially when they get really excited at their own amazing sporting prowess; yes he's taken a screamer oh it's unbelievable the crowd have gone wild etc. Climber's commentary ran along these lines, but also included a challenge to his younger brother who was standing watching: Oh and Climber's got the ball he's going to kick it past Cherub, is Cherub going to get it? NO! He just stands there and Climber kicks it on, he's going to score... YES!! It's a goal! Satisfied, Climber lost interest and wandered off.

So then, monkey-see-monkey-do, Cherub ran out to try his hand ..err, foot..and I heard the following 3 lines of commentary, in his best solemn commentator's voice:
Oh and I've got the ball.
Oh and now, I've got the ball.
And now, the soccer ball is losed.

Maybe the cat can find it for us later.


  1. His grammar may actually be better than some of those ex-footballers who do commentary!

    Poor baby - I hope the ball was finded not long after the photo was taken...

  2. he he -I sometimes commentate myself like that when I am sewing a tricky but - yes, she's made it 'rounf the corner- can she get past the seam line ?
    Your kids enliven blogland!!!

  3. God help me, I think I feel a smiley face coming on.


  4. This could be the commentary for half of what I do: "I'm doing it... I'm doing it... I've stuffed it..."

  5. Seriously, that kid is delicious.

  6. He IS delicious and this story will bring a smile to my face all day!

  7. I agree with absolutely everyone who has commented here so far.

    And probably all of those to come.

    This story made me smile, he is so cute!

    Jac made me smile too, I can really relate!

  8. Perhaps the cat may be coaxed with a sort of variation on the old "two steps back, one step forward" in this case.


  9. Love this story.

    Think I might do my own commentary tomorrow morning - just so the family know what I actually do!!!

  10. Oh oh, best place for it to be!! I am obviously, a non sporter.

  11. I needed this today. He is such a doll. You will be beating the girls off of him far too soon.

  12. Very cute --same thing with a stick. Boys pick them up and sticks sort of take over the narrative, the life.

  13. And in our house, the running commentary goes something along the lines of, "And once upon a time there was a bootiful princess, and she was very bootiful, and she lived in a very bootiful house. And she was very bootiful. The end."

    I think I prefer the losed soccer ball. Is it finded now?

  14. Poor Cherub...bit of an anticlimax that.....

  15. That is too, too funny. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it this morning. And that is NOT funny...


  16. I think he may have found his calling!

    BTW - I have some bling for you over at my place...


Don't let the cat get your tongue.