Monday, October 06, 2008


Somebody once said to me of having children that the days are long but the years are short. It's so true. I still think of this place as the new house, and yet I was 6-months pregnant with Cherub when we arrived, and all of a sudden he just turned 5. Just like that, bang. He is now a proper Big Boy. Well, according to him anyway. In my heart he's still my baby. My bay-bee!!!

He's been counting down to the big day for ages, since before my birthday in June. My stock answer to how many sleeps till my birthday? was A hundred! until we came into the last month. Then he started counting back from 32, assisted eventually by a special tick chart because although he was always right (Chenty-nine sleeps till my birfday!) he kept wanting confirmation (is it 29, Mummy?) which meant I needed to keep checking the calendar.

People have started asking me what I'll do with myself when he starts school next year, and the answer is: Miss him. I mean sure, I'll build up the tap business, get some proper choreography done and help out at school and stuff, but to be honest, I'm more than a bit worried about how lonely I'll feel. Cherub is my little chum, and he's just the nicest companion. We love hanging out together, doing our stuff. We hold hands and skip together down the street. I can take him anywhere and we'll enjoy ourselves, because he's so obliging and sweet-tempered. I love the funny conversations, the earnest look he gets in his eyes when he's telling me something very important (usually about trains). I love the bum-dances, the way he can play quietly at home for hours so that I can do my thing, the way he is still so helpful, the way he pipes up suddenly twenty times a day I love you Mummy, which NEVER gets boring or commonplace. I love his ready laugh and I love just looking at his sweet face.

cherub at party_6821

Seeing as I can't put a brick on his head to stop him growing up and away, I'll settle for wishing him Happy Birthday instead. (My baby.)


  1. He's BEAUTIFUL, C.

    Happy Birthday CHERUB!

  2. Happy Birthday, Cherub!

    How the time flies!

  3. Enjoy this last precious term before he goes to school. I remember doing that with Connor. (So long ago now... he's starting Secondary school next year...)

  4. I look back on the days that my baby was still home with me with great fondness. Those were the days when Tuesday was Barbie Day. That's when he wasn't at pre-school and his sister was at school and he could sneak into her room, grab the Barbie Car, Ken, and a couple of Barbie chicks for a fun day out.

    Happy Birthday Cherub - you'll always be mum's bay-beeeee.

  5. What a fine fine boy you have there. Happiest of birthdays to Cherub!!

  6. Happy happy happy Birthday Mister cherub. Knockout cake BTW

  7. Happy birthday Cherub! That is a GREAT cake.

  8. Happy Birthday Cherub.

    You brought tears to my eyes at the memory of my daughter beginning school. She was such a great little pal, & yes, I cried, & yes, I missed, & yes, we are still best friends.

  9. oh wow, five seems so big...

    Happy Birthday Cherub!

    and yeah, knockout cake.

  10. Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book. Very easy.

  11. This time last year I remember feeling exactly the same way about Margot starting school.

    Then finding that the anticipation was much worse than the actual event. I was still sad but not as devastated as I thought I might be.

    Happy Birthday darling Cherub!

  12. I also love all of those things about him that you have listed. What a darling.

    Happy birthday to him and well done to you, beautiful children are never just appear, there is always a good parent supporting them.

  13. Happy birthday, Cherub! My boy child is STILL my baby and he's TWELVE, yo.

  14. How lovely to read all those wonderful things about your son.
    My grandson turns five next month — I miss him T-H-I-S much!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet little boy!
    I know that I too look at my youngest who turned five in June and just hope that he is still four!

  16. We can only hope that the love and sweet nature stays with them as they grow and when we're old and grey (hang on a minute..) that they will still say those lovely things and love us just as much :) xox Happy Birthday Little Guy!

  17. Happy birthday, gorgeous boy!
    I have to echo Mary's comments about the anticipation being worse than the actuality.
    Having said that, these past school holidays, having the boys with me, did remind me of those pre school days when we'd walk up to the shops for a milkshake and have very earnest discussions about all sorts of things.
    As we live near a railway, it too was often about trains.

  18. Those first few lines are SO true! Take it from one who knows...Happy Birthday to your handsome little chum!

  19. He certainly sounds like someone worth missing.
    It's funny how when they are babies you can't wait for them to grow up so that you don't have to be a slave to them 24/7, but when they DO grow up you miss their baby-selves.
    Miss N goes to school in 2010 because she is an August baby, but hell I'm going to miss her when she's there :(
    Happy Birthday to your lovely boy.

  20. happy birthday to your Cherub!
    reading your boys joys and exploits makes me realise what I'm missing.

  21. Happy Birthday Cherub. I love him. He's a cool kid, just like his big brother, but different.... which is equally cool.

  22. Oh, lovely. and so honestly put. Happy Birthday Cherub!

    And those days when they're gone, I'm afraid they're busy growing more. I'm afraid, we are too.

    Like the long days and short years. So right on the money!

  23. Happy Birthday to your (still) little boy. He just sounds wonderful - I love the way you've captured his personality.

    I have such fond memories of the days before school, I guess that's why I look forward to school holidays so much. But it is great to see how excited they get by all the 'stuff' of school and their little friends.

    (oh and very cool cake!)

  24. But he looks *so wittle* !!

    Dear little Cherub .. what lovely memories of your mummy's love on this blog for you to read one day

    Happy B'day !

  25. Oh, I'm soooo late to the party, but happy belated birthday to Cherub!

    (The IP turns five very soon too - I can relate to quite a bit of this.)


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