Monday, October 20, 2008


Climber was so besotted with our neighbours' newborn baby that he came home and wrote her a list of magic wishes for her future, and I think if all these come true she will have a very good life indeed.

wishes for a new baby180371

these are some wishes for you.
1.I hope you grow up to be a nice and kind person
2.I hope you have a very happy and cheerful life.
3. I hope you get some good toys
4.I hope you get some very nice friends.

I went to the Sister's Market on Saturday with Nell and Crafty and found some little things I liked, plus had some good catch-ups with some ace chicks. I commissioned some boy-pants with cat for the Cherub from Tracey at Fat Mumma's and bought one of these little pack of grooving transfers from Shannon so I guess I'll actually have to sew them on to something now; I'm pretty sure I can manage a reasonable blanket stitch. I also picked up a few of Pollipop's little hair-ties, because I was so besotted with the little black cat ones I bought myself from Creamrose at Etsy. I think the teapot one might stay mine, but the others will go the present box to be used when required. I'm trying to think of ways to buy handmade stuff for Christmas where possible.

I had to work during Astrid's middle child's birthday party and therefore missed observing how the pressures of a three-legged race can drive a wedge between otherwise loving brothers. This is them before it all went pear-shaped.

three legged race 190406

Astrid and I treated ourselves to a night at the movies where we saw Brideshead Revisited at a special movie club screening. I know most people have been saying why would you bother? about making this film because of the excellent 1981 TV series, but I enjoyed it. I was much more aware when I watched this movie of how central the Brideshead family's Catholicism was to the story, but this could be because I'm much older and *ahem* wiser, and not just watching all the lovely frocks and scenery and cars and adoring Anthony Andrews. (Although I will say I don't think they dressed Julia nearly as nicely in the movie version, so I'm obviously still watching the fashion side of things). They made Sebastian much more effeminate in the movie version, although I think the actor who played Charles Ryder this time pitched his performance at nearly the same level as Jeremy Irons. Also, to top off a good night, I won a free copy of the book.

And the Climber finally, FINALLY, won a Caught Being Good Award at school. I was beginning to think there was something wrong, surely my child with his good manners and gentle nature had been caught being good at least once in his 2 and 3/4 years at the school? Well he has now, for being consistent with his work. And serendipitously, Fixit had been given the day off work today so we were both there to see him receive his prize.

caught being good_6944


  1. Gosh, Climber is precious. Magic wishes. Shouldn't every newborn get a set of those?

  2. Look at that beaming smile! Don't they LOVE recognition?

  3. Climber is so special! I am so glad he got a present. Somehow the giving does not always seem fair to me.

  4. If only they could've caught him being good for writing out those wishes as well! Although is sounds as though the three-legged race may have undone his chances.

  5. Those are some seriously good wishes. Do you think they can be sent for grown-ups as well?

  6. Magic wishes! What a pure heart!

    That is the most precious thing, and it speaks volumes to the good parenting influence.

    You have cause to be very pleased. :)

  7. I enjoyed the wishes. Too a little research, but I read it in the end.

  8. I'd be a proud mumma too.

    Those wishes ?

    Lets just say you could hire him out to maternity wards for that true Kleenex moment.

    and I want to see the next frame from the 3-legged race. It all looks so happy - what could have *possibly* gone wrong ? :p

  9. I love that Climber wishes for good toys before good friends. He has his priorities all sorted out!

    What a good man you are growing there...

  10. Yay, Climber! And OMG, he is looking like SUCH a big boy these days!

  11. What a lovely boy!
    The wishes are so sweet. Aren't little boys just the sweetest things?
    And the award - he's just beaming!!

  12. Look at the pride on his face! That's a great photo, and I just read the post about his wishes for the new baby next door so I feel comfident that I can say it is a great photo of a great boy.

  13. That Climber definitely has a career as a card writer ahead of him.

    And, please, the chicken dance? Just what I need to have stuck on repeat in my head. Thanks.


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