Monday, October 13, 2008


So it was just Fixit and me, on our own, for 24 hours in a small city. The Cherub was in his Nell's capable and loving hands and the Climber went off on his own adventure with his best friend's family to a holiday farm in Alexandra.

Fixit, being a mechanical type and a speed freak, thought the flying part was definitely one of the highlights, whilst I was glad that I had the final instalment of the Twilight series to distract me from my white-knuckled thoughts about what a long way up we were.


It was too early in the morning to check into our hotel, so we decided to drive north up the Tamar river and look at historic Georgetown. (Apparently Australia's oldest town and here was me thinking that title belonged to Botany Bay.) Anyway, we must have missed the good bits of historic Georgetown because what we saw was a lot of clapped out 70's fibro beach shacks. But the lighthouse at Low Head was definitely worth seeing and I waved at Melbourne from the other side of the Bass Strait. As you do. Until your other half looks at you like you're a crazy person.

Low Point Lighthouse_6861

We drove back south to Launceston and lunched in the CBD where we ate the best calamari ever. And we strolled around and admired the prettiness of the architecture and marvelled at how steep it was. And did the Melbourne city-slicker thing where we couldn't quite fathom how close everything was and how easy it was to drive around.

Before a great dinner at the Marina (but after our deluxe spa bath; I am bath-deprived at home so a hotel room with a nice big bath was a must) we took a twilight stroll round The Gorge, a fantastic bit of wilderness right next to the city centre.

The Gorge_6900

The next morning we had an hour to kill before our flight home so we had a second, proper, look at the historic town of Evandale and were very glad that we did. (So pretty!) Even more so when we found that the Sunday market was on. And look, it was a bit expensive to get in, but definitely worth it once we coughed up.

If we'd had more time and had not been limited to carry-on luggage only, we might have spent a fair bit of money there. But we managed a few presents and some jam and came away content.

It's good to have some time away with just your partner. But on the other hand, it was lovely coming home to see our boys again. Next time we might even take them too.



  1. Sounds just lovely.
    I used to go out with a guy who lived there. It's a bit difficult to drive over Bass strait though, so it didn't last.

  2. That looks like a lovely weekend. I wonder how many people give the Evandale Market entry stall a $1 and tell them to keep the change?

  3. I love your squish face camera-whoring shot at the end. Pure happiness!

  4. Hey! I've been to that wilderness place!

    I watched two, old, English women poke their fingers at a brown snake on the path. I hurried CK on hoping we wouldn't have to deal with the dead bodies on the way back ;-)

  5. I want that. Can I have that? You know, when you get to have time to yourself, and sleep in, and eat what you want without sharing it with grubby little monsters, and stay up late, and go on a trip, and have a life, and stuff.. I want that! Can I have that?!?!?!

  6. It certainly is nice to have a break away by yourselves. I know about the jams in and near Launceston - I cleared one place out of the raspberry jam and I still go on to people about it - much to Mr J's bemusement.

  7. *sniff* I love a romantic get away *sniff*

  8. Look at all your lovely photos! Looks like a great weekend!

  9. What a lovely photo of you both.

  10. Aww, don't you two look sweet. So glad you had a nice time.

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous Tasmania. Lucky you!

  12. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Pretty nice memories for a fortieth birthday, I'd say.

  13. Evandale Market was on 'The Collectors' last week! And you only came away with jam and a few bits and pieces? Either very restrained or the baggage limit was fierce.

  14. Ooh thanks froginthepond, I just checked out the segment online! I said it was a good market! Here's the link if anyone else wants to watch..

  15. Oh WOW-- that lighthouse shot. wow.
    It sounds lovely... maybe I shouldn't read backwards anymore because it made me sad knowing the note this wonderful feeling would end in high stress.
    It is beautiful though :-)

  16. awwww !
    Lookit you & your man - so sweet ! ;)

    Fabbo holiday!


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