Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Can Stop The Music.

I don't really want to talk about our tap performance last weekend. I don't even really want to think about it. I'll just keep telling myself that I was juggling a lot of stuff lost week (2 big parties at our house, a trip away) and stop beating myself up about not being more thorough with my technical preparation. I swear the cd burner on my computer used to work. And I thought I'd done the right thing by bringing my memory stick and a blank cd to the airport so my sister could burn the cd for me with her laptop; which she did, easy-peasy. But we were about to rush off to catch the flight to Launceston so neither of us thought to check the wretched thing and I couldn't check it when I got back to Melbourne the next day because my computer is spazzing about reading cds and our actual cd players at home are so old that they don't reliably read perfectly good burned cds anyway. And I couldn't find my ipod output cord anywhere - I looked, I did! - and I didn't think hoping the techies at the festival would have an input jack was in the realms of hopeless fantasy. And whilst in hindsight I could have brought along a previously burned cd to at least cover the songs the children would dance to, I just didn't have my act together enough to do that. I have to stop thinking about it now, it's done, we coped, I can't change it. I especially won't think about how cranky and embarrassed the whole thing made Fixit (Mister Glass-Half-Empty, always sees the worst) and how him letting me know how mortified he was and how hopeless he thought I was tainted all the goodwill our romantic trip away generated.


So I'm just going to think about how beautifully all my little dancers rose to the challenge of tapping without their music, how the children looked up at me with smiling, shiny faces and did everything I asked so beautifully and looked like they had a good time. And how my brave Tap-pets (the grown-ups) did their stuff a'cappella on a stage as slippery as ice, and gladdened my heart with the way they worked with me and carried it off as though that was how it was planned in the first place. I'm only going to think about how nice everyone was to me about it afterwards, and not think about what they must have thought of me as they were being so nice.

Because that's how we roll in Glass Half Full Land.


  1. Oh, you are so brave to put yourself in the position of having to meddle with all that electronic gadgetry! Bravo to you and all your tappers for not falling apart....and I'm sure they wouldn't think bad and say good---they obviously like you too much for that. So there, Fixit!

  2. Stuff happens. If people claim it doesn't, they're either lying or they're not paying attention.

    Without music, everyone got to appreciate the sound of little feet tapping and admire the Tap-pets' bosoms without distraction.

  3. oh feeling your pain sister.

  4. Actually, I found it all Very Professional, the way you guys kept going.

    Shit happens, y'know?

  5. Oh Crap!

    Well, the photos look great and I'm sure Shula is right.

    Isn't that part of the idea of tap? It makes music?

    I am so sure it was all great.

    PS. Ash took the kids to see his Nanna

  6. It's all just a lesson in life.

    The show must go on, the tappers must tap.

    I'm most upset about the fact that a VIllage People song now seems to be on a loop in my brain.

  7. A friend phrased it for me once as 'The glass is always full. Some days you just have to squint a little.' Isn't that great?

    Btw - agreeing with P.P. - I shall sing that all day now!

  8. Good for you and your students for tapping on regardless. I'm sure it made the performance even more memorable!

  9. I'd find it tempting to go back over it and torment myself with 'what ifs'! Don't do it! Breath it out and let it go! How many good ones are there among the hiccups? Stacks! Exactly.

  10. I blame me (tech-girl) for not even thinking about doing my job properly and having a nap instead.
    And you can blame me too.
    In fact I'd feel better if you blamed me.
    And the show DID go on. Also broken-arm boy felt very pleased with himself for participating, and his Mum thought it was all good.

  11. Nello, you'd been minding my child all weekend, you needed the nap. It would only be your job if I'd asked you to cover it, dude.

  12. Everybody is looking at the cuties anyway, not listening to the music. You just saved them from the distraction of listening AND looking.

    That's how we roll in Glass 3/4 full land.

  13. Wow! I have to say, you must be HOT to pull all of that off without music. It shows you've taught those kids to dance just to the pulsing of their footsteps. I'm so impressed, actually, I have goose bumps just thinking of it. I wish we lived closer. My oldest wants to learn to dance so badly, I'd sign him right up. I'd sign myself up too! You GO Stomper Girl!!!

  14. I remember my sister-in-law-the-dancer telling me "Even if your strap breaks and your boob is hanging out, you keep smiling and KEEP DANCING". That's what you did - smiled and danced. Even without exposed boobage, that makes you a Champion. And my Heroette.

  15. Ah, I sympathise too. But I'm sure no one else thinks anything of it any more. The glass is fine.

  16. aaaargh! It's all over. It's all over. And the kids have a great story to tell their kids..."when I was your age we didn't even have music to tap to".

    Besides, tapping IS music.

  17. I agree with M. The tapping noise is the best bit.

  18. Oh Stomper, you are only human (although sometimes your superwomanly qualities make me doubt this!)

    If anyone was thinking anything mean thoughts well POO to them.


  19. Gah - it never rains but it poors, eh. Good on you for making the best of a bad situation, I find that incredibly impressive!

  20. Oh good grief it's the 'series of unfortunate events' culmination. Just goes to show that with the right attitude everything can still turn out right even when you're quite sure that everything will be mush. Now be a good girl, no more nightmares, just bury it.

  21. oh Bless! I'm proud of your tappers as well-- that's impressive that the show went on. You be proud of that and forget Mr. Glass Half Empty's gloom.

  22. The tapping is the best part of a tap performance. And if it's a choice between tapping on a loop in my brain and a Village People song, I'll take the tapping.

    Good for you, tapping on.

    And, you's over. Let it go. O-V-A-H.

  23. Well, the first time I read this, I thought OH NO.
    Then I read it again. And I busted out laughing! BECAUSE this shit happens to me all the time and that's all one can do - laugh and have a good time, anyway.
    And your spouse has just earned himself an eternal job - complete responsibility for your musical selections! YAY! Aren't you glad you don't have to worry about THAT anymore!

  24. In the Performing Arts there is always something that can go drastically wrong - and this is it! I am impressed with the way that you did it with your kids, good work.

  25. I'm just admiring your saddle tap-shoes, so I couldn't hear the music anyway.

    If it makes you feel better ( do you get that hollow dull ache in your stomach in the wee hours too ? ), I just realised today I f*cked up my Canon entries, so am pretty sure they are all invalid now.

    I just want to physically beat myself up.

    Feel better ?

    No ?

    I thought not.
    But them shoes are nice.


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