Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween in a Hurry

My sister and nephew and niece are staying with us for 11 days, while Bronnie photographs the horses at the Spring Racing Carnival. So please forgive me for this very rushed blogpost, which is pretty much just my Halloween Show and Tell - mostly Show. I'm too busy keeping 4 children in line to have any words flowing nicely from me; but if you need someone to nag you to eat your dinner, insist you say please or thank-you or chivvy you in or out of somewhere (the car, the bath, the bed) then I'm your woman.

Here is a picture of Climber and myself on our way to Elda's magnificent Halloween party.

halloween 09 576

Here is a shot of Elda doing her hostess with the mostest stuff. All the kids got a turn at hacking up the severed hands (chicken schnitzels) as well as putting their hands in a bowl of slime to get lollies, taking their turn at acting out Halloween charades (walk like a zombie, lie still like a corpse etc), eating doughnuts off a string and then trick-or-treating. The trick or treating was great fun (they even trick-or-treated the local supermarket) and the stack of lollies they came home with was staggering.

halloween hack 911

Here is the little sewing project that grew very organically over the weekend. Climber announced he wanted to make a little toy ghost so I set him up with felt and needle and thread.

halloween sewing 883

My nephew walked by and became very interested so he decided to make a pumpkin.

sewing 889

Then Cherub wanted in too, so he made a blue ghost with evil red eyes.


My 4yo niece also wanted one but didn't feel up to sewing so once I got through the flurry of helping 3 boys sew at once (you know, knotting, threading, teaching them backstitch, snipping, knotting, rethreading, turning inside out, finishing off: it got pretty frantic for a while there) I made her a lallow one. Here they are, see if you can guess which one is mine.

halloween softies 1103


  1. Love those haunts!

    Especially the Lallow one.

    My boys are interested in sewing but are still mostly practicing with lacing cards.

  2. Fantastic!

    I particularly like the purple one. (suck suck, does that get me on the Christmas card list?)

  3. Scary looking monster! Aren't you turning into the savvy craftsperson!
    A purple witch? That's just too easy!

  4. Wow, those severed hands are something! We used to have the slimy noodle entrails and boiled egg eyeballs and things like that, but never severed hands. Can't wait until my boys are older -- maybe I'll do a gross out halloween haunt party some day. Love the sewing adventure too. Fabulous!

  5. I imagine that having them all sewing was both very cool and a bit frustrating. Nice witch there, Ms Purple.

    Seems like Elda throws a great Halloween party - love the chicken hands!

    Stay sane with the house full of kids!

  6. That was so lovely - a photo of boys engrossed in their sewing.

    And an aunty whose legs look great as ever and sews a fine purple witch!

  7. The felty works of craft are fabulous!

  8. I think I can make what quiz show contestants call an educated guess as to which one is yours.
    All those boys sewing! How the world has changed, and a good thing too.
    The word verification is toxhag. Weird, eh?

  9. I love seeing kids learn to sew.

    Great purple witch!

  10. I would like one of those monsters! The purple witch is my favorite.

    Where the severed hands as delicious as they look?

  11. I love the concentration on the faces of the stitching boys. Beautiful!

  12. WOW! Your felt stash looks bigger than mine. Millie Says they are cute and she wants to look at them all the time.
    Have to be anon as have forgotten my user name.

  13. Kinda digging the pumpkin, they are all so cool. Sounds like a brilliant Halloween party.

  14. Oh, you make me so nostalgic for the days of having small soft people about. My last chicken is about to fly the nest and I'm going to fall to bits. Mourn.

  15. Wow, you sound busy. How do you have time for Halloween?

  16. I just can't get over what a sexy witch you made! *heehee*


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