Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Thoughts from A Few Days of Photos


This photo gives you an idea of the haircut I gave the Cherub. Surprisingly for a home cut it has turned out quite well. He had 8 days of school swimming last fortnight and was unable to swim the first day because he kept stopping to stand up and push the hair off his face. No time for our regular hairdresser so I just took him out the backyard and went the hack. It's a pretty terrible cut but his wavy hair has concealed the true damage! I'm letting it grow out a bit before we take him to our lovely hairdresser, but she won't be fooled.

sneaky shot 635

This (sneaky) photo, taken just before the first tap class on Saturday, reminds me that I need to stop slouching and stand up straight. Shoulders back Stomper! (Did you straighten yourself up as you looked at it? I did)

Climber took that last shot with spy-like stealth from the back room at the Tap Hall where he and Cherub like to get arty on the whiteboard while Fixit, Nell and I do set-up. While he was there with the camera recording disposable art for posterity he also took this shot...

whiteboard art 620

...which I just like for the composition, the little left-handed artiste in the corner and Climber's reflection behind his works.

nells house 640

This shot reminds me that I need to tell you about Mister Fixit and the Great Job Application. See, he has progressed through all the rounds of the Recruitment Company and is off next Monday for the Big Interview with the Prospective Employer (back story here, here and here). This meant we had to buy him a suit! Somehow he got to 40+ and has never owned one. He also needed a new tie; the last tie he bought was a skinny one from the 80s. So we took the boys to Nell's house (that's Climber playing on her laptop computer and drinking lemonade, they love Nell anyway but this babysit was extra popular) while we went to nearby Bridge Road, an excellent seconds shopping strip in Melbourne. We bought him a very nice charcoal coloured wool suit with a subtle blue stripe and a nice greeny-gold tie that brings out his eyes. I swear he looked a different man as he tried it on and I felt a little bit shy of him. If he lets me, I will take a photo on interview morning.


  1. *straightening my back as I type this*

    Love the photos! Cherubs' haircut looks great (thank goodness for wavy hair!) and I love the dancer unawares and the artist at work.

    Climbers' haircut is very groovy too!

  2. Yes, I straightened up!

    You know, Beefcake almost never wears a suit and I find I am weirdly extra-special attracted to him when he does. I guess it's like a "man in uniform" thing. I am glad he doesn't need to wear one all the time because I am sure that would kill the effect.

    I hope he lets you take a pic!

  3. Yup, shoulders are now back.

    Looking forward to seeing Fixit in his suit. In a nice way. Not a strange voyeuristic way. Of course not.

  4. Gotta love backyard haircuts. We couldn't possibly have all that hair interfering with swimming. I feel his pain. My hair is so long now that I can lie on it at night, and I have to arrange it so I can turn over in bed, and I feel a haircut coming on.

    Best of luck with The Job for Fixit. The best guys in class always get the job. Looking forward to the suit pix.

    (shoulders back)

  5. ...fabulous art! Your young artistes are quite skilled!

    Best of luck to Fixit!!

  6. Sending good luck to Fixit.

    I love a man in a suit. I bought one for Tom1 at the beginning of the year to wear for his year 12 Formal and the Valedictory dinner at the end of the year, and it's coming in handy now. He's got 3 days work experience at a law firm in the city next week and he needs to suit up.

  7. You know, I *did* straighten up. But then I am a great huncher anyways!

    Wonderful news about the interview for Fixit. Hope it goes really well for him.

  8. Mary and I will confirm Fixits everyday gorgeousness - but suited ! YIKES!
    Thats job is HIS!

  9. Oooh, yes, I love seeing a man in a suit who doesn't usually wear one. Even the boof-headed footballers with their smashed up faces manage to look sexy in a suit, so your Fixit would definitely be knee-bucklingly gorgeous! The job is HIS! That's if the interviewers can get past the fact that the suit brings out the colour in his eyes and actually remember to offer it to him...

  10. Shoulders back for me too...and I sucked in the I've finally worked out after all these hunching years that it's the core that's the cause of all slouching habits.

    Oh, please do post a pic of the suit!! Good luck Fixit.

  11. Yes, I am sitting straight backed as I type this. Slouching adds kilos my Mum tells me.
    I do love a man in a suit. Mine wears one quite often and I never tire of seeing him in it.
    Esp. when the tie comes off and the shirt's a bit open but the jacket still on.... Hot.

  12. My husband wears a suit to work every single day. Hates it. But he does look good. Best of luck with the interview process!

  13. Good luck Fixit! And remind HIM to keep his shoulders back while wearing the suit ;)

  14. Like Fe, straightening up! I love a man in a suit, fingers crossed for Mr Fixit.

  15. I heard my Grandmother Hall's voice telling me "don't stoop, dear. Keep good posture." Now I am sitting in my chair with my back ramrod straight!

    Good luck Fixit!

    I seriously doubt there is a haircut that make the Cherub look anything but darling.

  16. Good Luck Fixit! We're all rooting for you!

    (Oh HELL. That doesn't mean what I meant it to say, right? Y'all and your zany sayings!)

    Oh, well, I'm sure one of you will get a giggle...

  17. Stacey, I am so with you on the tie off-top button undone being hot. Yes!

    That's my favourite look actually.

    When we got married 5 years ago (in January, stinking hot) that was the look I opted for. Didn't have the guys wearing ties at all!

    Totally swoon-worthy it was too.

    Sorry, Stomper, for highjacking your post, but when I read Stacey's comment, I had to agree!

  18. Climber has the sparkly Barbie hair again in that last shot.

    Good luck to the man in the suit! Shoulders back!

  19. The suit sounds terribly dapper, good luck to Fixit.

  20. Good luck for the interview, Fixit.

    Enjoy those lovely boys. They'll be up and away before you know (she mumbles self-pityingly).

  21. You should see how straight my back and shoulders are right now. I'm like a soldier!

    Not even a home-haircut can make your boy anything less than gorgeous.

  22. Late to the party, but my shoulders are back now too.

    And curly hair hides a myriad of home hair cutting sins (I speak from much university era experience), especially on such a cutie!

  23. I love that first photo of Cherub. You take some of the most wonderful photos.


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