Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Girls Book Launch

Hair in Rollers 605

I'm not much chop at putting in hot rollers...


..but the 'do came out all right anyway.


Here's the gorgeous Miss Kaye and me backstage at the Order of Melbourne last night, in our purple sparkly mini-dresses, about to tap our little feet off to help launch a new book by Madeleine Hamilton called Our Girls; Aussie Pin-ups of the 40s and 50s.

The gig was great fun and I'm hoping to post photos soon of Kaye and me in action, as soon as someone sends me some. Meantime, let me tell you that we went over very well! Lots of whooping and cheering and loud applause. We danced our 2 old-fashioned high-heeled numbers to fit in with the vintage theme of the night, and in between we watched from side of stage as the lovely Candice, Nicky and Becky modelled some divine vintage outfits supplied by Circa Vintage Clothes. The cocktail frocks were my absolute fave, tres chic.

Some of the original Pin-up Girls of the age came along - some of them are quite elderly now and all still gorgeous and glamorous. Here's a great interview with the book's author about the book which is worth a read. When Madeleine gave her speech last night she talked of the very respectful letters sent by diggers to the Pin-up Girls (so different to the page 3 culture of today) and how heart-breaking it had been in her research to find how many of those letter-writers had died horrible deaths in warfare.

When the gig was over and I'd caught up with nice people in the audience and cooled off with a couple of gin-and-tonics, I decided that the evening was so beautiful that I would walk from the venue in Swanston St to the tram stop at St. Vincents in my pretty purple high-heeled mary-jane shoes. I think I might have quite sore feet after tap class tonight!

You can buy the book here. And a crew from the ABC's The 7.30 Report were there filming the event, and hope to screen it in November or December.


  1. Don't you look gorgeous in your dress and curls!

  2. You look stunning, but especially so in that shade of teal or turquoise. It really sets your eyes aglow!

  3. I wish I was brave enought to wear red lipstick that red, it's wonderful!

  4. Oh my god Stomper you look incredibly gorgeous in all these shots of you..

  5. So so glamourous. I couldn't look like that in a million years.
    (too old for one thing!!)

  6. Fyeeee


    Is that how you't type a wolf whistle?

    Whatever, you are a spunk!

    And I mean that in a non-creepy, I only like you as a friend kind of way.

  7. Very impressive! A great look and, it sounds like, a great night!

  8. Wowee. Hubbahubba at you in your red lippy and sparkly purple!
    Sounds like it was a fantastic night.

  9. You should always tap with curls and a sparkly pruple frock. you're a stunner!

  10. Oh so glamorous!!

    That books souns like a really interesting read.

  11. You are indeed very elegant!

    (No, Daughter 2 isn't moving to Glasgow, thank goodness, but 4 and a half miles away. But it's still too far. Sob.)

  12. Glamourpuss! GORGEOUS!

    When do you think think the fashion wheel will turn for women to do their hair like that again?

    (OOh - apropos of fashion and frocks, wv is Butrick)

  13. Oh my GOD, you're gorgeous!! Lovely!

    I would have loved to have heard the stories and read the book. It sounds so fascinating!

  14. You look fabulous! Everyone does. You will have to let us know when the screening comes up~ please!

  15. Hi again, I just found this post - WOO HOO - you look super cool! I think you should record your tap dancing and put it on YouTube - you really should! Share the (tap)love!


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