Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 09

A water pistol..

christmas day 005

a Crystal Sweeper lego set...

christmas day 024

and a bonus Star Wars lego set meant that the Cherub had a great day.

christmas day 122

That is if you don't mention the part where the water-pistol from Santa was inadvertently crushed by his older brother a mere 8 hours after he'd received it. Luckily Fixit is on hand for repairs.


Some Club Penguin Card Jitsu cards..

christmas day 006

a pogo stick, (not a present, just to play with at my Uncle's house)

christmas day 057

a soccer ball,

christmas day 126

some Cousinball,

christmas day 106

and much later, (after the camera was away), an outside fire to tend and poke meant that Climber had a great day too.


Christmas for Cherub was primarily about receiving new toys. Let's face it, he's 6. He could quite happily have collected his loot and gone home to play with it. But Climber, Fixit and I had a great time talking, eating, drinking, playing, laughing and even singing with people we like and love (some of them only via telephone but it was good to talk).


  1. Lovely, wonderful day!
    My little dudes are all About The Lego, too. Still StarWars.
    I envy that you have school break, WARM WEATHER and Christmas. Good combination, that.
    Have a great 2010, Stomper Girl!

  2. Love this age!

    Happy Holidays to you and a Happy New Year too!

  3. oh toys !!! I miss christmas toys !!!

  4. That does sound like a great day, and I'm guessing someone was rather stoked with his Lego.

  5. I am so happy that Santa came through with the pistle and Crystal thingy.

    I'm with you about the food, the company and a red or two.

    Looking forward to that again on NYE!

  6. They really are the perfect age for christmas, aren't they?

    I think this sort of thing is why I love buying gifts for people. Because when you get it JUST RIGHT it's such a rush. Course, it's easier to do that when they are that age...

  7. My goodness me your boys look grown up in these photos!

    I love the delight and joy in their faces.

  8. Your boys are so gorgeous... it's hard to tear your eyes away from them long enough to look at the pressies.

    Happy Christmas!!

  9. Everything he wanted! Isn't it magical?!

    What a nice Christmas for the Stomper family. :)

  10. Looks like a truly great day. Oh lego, what is it with the boys and the lego - nearly does my head in especially when there is a little sister followig close behind hell bent on destroying it


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