Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Is it Wednesday again already?

What's Hot, What's Not, playing along with Loobylu.

What's Hot.
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  • Cherub and Climber doing magic shows for us. Totally cute.
  • Our rent not going up by as much as they initially threatened (a rise of $15 per week instead of $20), thanks to me being a cranky-pants. I am Wheel, hear me Squeak.
  • Fixit's never-ending job application being nearly over. He had the final interview today and he thinks it went well. We hope to hear next week. Thanks to everyone who wished him luck, you are all ace and kind and lovely. He says if he gets the job he will take me out to dinner and wear his suit, oohlala.
  • The Millennium Trilogy books. Finished the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest this afternoon and loved it like mad. Have been putting all my friends on to it.
  • Getting extra funds because of the search for the Melbourne Mary Poppins. They can't find a girl who can sing, dance and act the part and have opened up the casting call. Suddenly I was inundated (well there were 4 of them anyway!, felt like inundation) by classical singers needing private tap classes in order to master a triple timestep.
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What's Not.

Me being too old to audition for Mary Poppins. I've totally got the triple timesteps covered, I've probably got the High C in my vocal range (if I did a few scales) and I am also bossy and old-fashioned, not to mention practically perfect in every way. Sadly they are looking for someone 22-30 and I am thirty-twelve. *sulks*


  1. You'd be fabulous as MP, they don't know what they are missing out on! You could dance, act and sing the pants off these 20 somethings!

  2. Everyone knows acTORS lie about their age. Just tell them you have spent a lot of time in the sun.

  3. MP was a NANNY, nannies are well over 30, else the daddies lust after them. You should try out and explain that to them!

  4. Hehe, thirty-twelve. They are missing out by excluding you!

    I loved the Millenium Trilogy too, read them feverishly.

  5. Betcha they're looking for the totally wrong type ... hope castings lasts forever for more teaching bucks ;) Love your post, fabulous to have found you ;)

  6. THAT'S who you reminded me of,and I could never quite put my finger on it, MARY POPPINS. Seriously Stomper. And you could TOTALLY pass for 30.

  7. I reckon Eleanor's right. You could pass for 30. And if they say you look older, cry and threaten to sue for discrimination.

    I have to be honest and say I've just gone off Fixit a bit.

    Sure, it's nice of him to take you out for dinner and all, you being so supportive of him through the interviewing rigmarole, but what about us, huh? What. About. Us!?

  8. We get magic shows at our house, too. Sometimes we get food and intermission as well!

  9. Well I certainly don't think Mary Poppins was in her 20's!! Crazy!
    Miss E is getting a magic trick set for Christmas so I'm glad to hear that watching the show will be 'hot' :)

  10. We're all about the magic here too. A magic set was on the Santa list, but didn't make the final (cost-trimming) cut.

    Yay for Fixit.

    Boo for 22-30 age limits. You could pass for 28! Easy. Don't tell them your age and they'll never know!

  11. Dinner with a man in a suit is very fancy!

    How old was Julie Andrews when she played the role in the film? Any way - isn't make up supposed to make the actors look any age? Perhaps they need better make up artists because you'd be ace.

  12. I'm with Tracey - Julie Andrews definitely looked thirty twelve.

    And you most certainly do not.

    The suspense re Fixit is killing me !

  13. mary poppins under 30??? no way. you don't get the proper nanny authority until you're at least forty..
    i like thirty-twelve - may i borrow it and be thirty-fifteen?

  14. Yes, Stomper, I am in agreement with you and every other commenter - you would be the BEST Mary Poppins. Can't believe they are being so AGEIST. Humph.

  15. Twenty-somethings could not possibly be Mary Poppins. One would need to be AT LEAST Thirty Twelve.


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