Thursday, December 24, 2009

So jump in bed and cover your head...

...cos Santa Claus comes tonight.

Oh my goodness, the Cherub is excited! I don't know how he got through today. Well actually I do, by telling me approximately 50,000 times in high-pitched glee Santa's coming tonight!!!!

christmas eve 065

Meanwhile, Fixit's work sent them all home at lunchtime, freeing me up to do a few last-minute errands which had been neglected owing to a day of extreme heat yesterday, as well as the urgent water pump repairs for the Corolla, which deprived me of my car for 2 days and $900 for all time.

christmas eve 074

I have been attempting some sewing this Christmas, and right when I was trying to knock together a little bag my machine seized. So it was just as well Fixit came home early because despite claiming to know nothing about sewing machines, he fixed mine and I was able to finish up.

bag for mavis 49

Our Christmas tree is looking gorgeous with a full complement of presents underneath, many swathed in Aunty Cookie's gorgeous wrapping paper.

christmas eve 031

I was quite proud of the Christmas cards I made this year, simple but pretty.

christmas eve 035

The boys made elaborate constructions out of components of Georellis and the game Mousetrap in order to give Santa a little present. Cherub's features a candy cane...

christmas eve 055

... but Climber got a bit fancy and I gather Santa needs to knock the bucket over to send the ball rolling down the staircase to drop on the see-saw which will catapult Santa's present into a receptacle.

christmas eve 057

Outside, a plate of goodies waits for the big guy with the beard and the reindeer.

christmas eve 115

In the boys' room we hung stockings.

christmas eve 103

Next to the stockings are 2 very excited people who I hope are sleeping now.

cherub's empty stocking97

Happy Christmas for tomorrow! Or just love and goodwill if Christmas is not your bag.
Stomper x


  1. Happy Christmas! And Fixit ROCKS!!! Glad he got your sewing machine going again.

    I love the elaborate preparations your boys make for Santa. :)

    The magic lives.

  2. Woot! One more sleep (here) until Santa!

  3. Happy Christmas!

    Thanks for the Mousetrap shots. It's a bit Rube Goldbergian, is it?

  4. Merry Christmas, and as the lucky recipient of one of your home made cards I can say with authority it looked fantastic!

    Of course, I am writing this on Christmas night, so it's all over for now, but I hope you had a good day!

  5. Merry Christmas, Stomps :)

    Your boys have such beautiful open smiley faces - I bet they had the time of their life yesterday

    Happy Happy!

  6. Merry Christmas.

    May 2010 be bright and happy.

  7. I hope you all had a fantastic day. I love seeing the pictures of your boys - they just SHINE.

    Happy festives dear Stompy.


  8. Merry Christmas! Hope a great day was had by all.

  9. Happy Christmas!

    PS. would Fixit mind popping up to Sydney to fix my machine so mum can churn through the mending she has found all over the house. Quick sticks!

  10. I am stunned everytime I see photos of your boys'eyes - they are irridescent ! So beautiful.

    Hope you are having a very relaxed Sunday


  11. I just love that overflow of excitement on Christmas Eve. I'm sure that both of your boys featured on the nice list! Merry Christmas to all of you.


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