Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Letters to Santa Claus

climber's letter to santa 09 88

Climber always writes a lovely letter to his benefactors,

santa letter09 cherub651

...whereas this chap just wanted to state the basics, and had to be nagged into the niceties. Meanwhile, in his quest for the crystal sweeper, Cherub has written an average of 2 notes per day for the last week or so which are all variations on the same theme:

crystal sweeper letter
Not sure if he plans to keep up the bombardment all the way to Christmas.

letters to santa
They both carried their letters for the whole tram ride into the city...

posting 37
...and sent them safely on their way to the North Pole.

Then they had a bit of a look at the giant Christmas tree in City Square..

looking at the big tree

city square

point 47

city square41

... and when they'd had enough of that they had a bit of a play. Then we headed off for coffees, soft drinks and sushi, and the tram ride home.


See how his feet don't touch the ground?


  1. I'd forgotten about your fabulous Santa box!
    Climbers penmanship has gotten SO good.

    My little guy is all about weaponry too. We've been trying to emphasize that guns hurt people, so he now says, "That's right. Guns are bad. I will just take my sword and knock the gun out of the bad guys hands."

    Constantly in search of power, but we know how tender their little hearts are.

  2. Sure sure, please this, please that. Thank you blah blah.

    He knows what he wants, that one, and good luck to him too, he will be the one that gets filthy rich and supports you in his old age, so you get him that crystal sweeper, or you may have it come back to bite you in 30-40 years time!

  3. That last photo.....far out woman !

  4. Gosh that first photo of Climber! He's a charmer, I can tell. Gorgeous boy!

  5. Needing to know - IS santa bringing the crystal sweeper???

  6. How I treasure the Christmas traditions of my childhood. The letter writing, the Christmas tree lighting in the town square when all the stores would be open at night and the clerks dressed in pajamas and I could pick out one small thing.... Joy. Pure Joy.

    Your boys will treasure these things always. Far more than the treasures under the tree.

  7. You have the coolest kids!

    Mine is holding out for a bug vacuum. That's the present he mentions again and again. Thank heavens they aren't too expensive!

  8. this was just about the perfect post for me - humour and whimsy and spectacular photos!



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