Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Didn't we have a luverly time the day we went to err Queenscliff

On Saturday, during the build-up to the bad heatwave, we piled the 4 of us into Claude Corolla and tootled down to the seaside for a day-trip. Allegedly it was a sticky, hot day in Melbourne, but in Queenscliff the mild cool change had blown in leaving us with sun but no unpleasantness.


We met up with our friends who have taken a house there for the holidays and proceeded to spend the next 4 hours on the beach, and although it was not as stinkily hot as I usually require for ocean swimming, I made sure I plunged in several times because I am going to be all about the healing goodness of water immersion this year, oh yes I am.


That evening we took the families to Point Lonsdale for fish 'n chips and a play at the rockpools, only to find that we had our tides all wrong and the rockpools were thoroughly covered by a high tide splashing up against the sea wall. And despite the 4 hours we'd already had at the beach, the kids were of course desperate to get back into the water again and only the fact that their hopeless parents had neglected to bring swimmers or towels (we thought it would be dinner and rockpools!) stopped them from having another proper swim. Climber was already wet from the waist down by the time I made it down to the sand and realised what was happening, so we could only rescue his shirt for the ride home. But the younger boys stripped down to their undies and they all frolicked in the shallows, flinging handfuls of sand at seagulls. And if there is anything cuter than a little kid running round in undies on the beach, well I don't know what it is.


  1. It looks lovely! I've never actually swam in the ocean...only waded a few times on holiday.

  2. That strip of coast around to Ocean Grove is just about the best in the world I think.

  3. WONDERFUL! It's been so cold here (but not today; it's 60's!) that it's lovely to look at summer family photos.

  4. "... the healing goodness of water immersion...."

    You go first and let me know how it goes!

  5. We've been a bit ripped off for summer heat here in Sydney this year. Other than a few unbearably hot days in November (too early) we have hardly had a hot day to speak of. Well, actually the last couple of days have been hot, but not like yours!

    A storm came in last night and I was shivering from cold!!

    Looks like you had a good day at the beach! Climber is breathtakingly gorgeous in that photo.

  6. Oh sunburn! How I despise it! I hope Fixit isn't in too much pain. I am of the paler-than-pale variety so have known a sunburn or two.

    Fantastic see what a great day you had!


  7. Without fail(after 12 years of wet children) we always take spare shorts & towels, to the beach EVERY visit - even if it just for kite flying! Not sure about girls, my 3 boys just have to look at the water & they get wet! Don't even start me on fishing near mud! Photos on Flickr eventually!Siobhan

  8. At about this stage in your parenting career you should learn the lesson that kids. must. get. IN. the. water. whenever. parents. are. least. prepared. (so BE prepared)

    And I agree about kids in undies. An Aussie sign of summer. Classic.

  9. Yes, I was wondering about what that bare back was going to look like....
    It all sounds so enjoyable and summery.
    I had two swims at Bondi and was liberally slathered with sunburn cream.

  10. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the seeeeeeeeeeea :-)

    Sounds like a wonderfully happy day!

    P.S. Tell Fixit rash shirts are a useful invention ;-)

  11. Hi Stomper Girl - great photos - hey I'm a bit thrilled to find you from Peppermint Patcher's blog - cause you're a tap dancer! Wow - so am I - well, I try and try and try! We'll have to compare notes!

  12. Sand Castles too! Nothing beats that!

    Nothing cuter.


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