Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How to brighten up a bad room.

Well. First I had to find some willing artists. Oh look, here's one.


Then I put them to work.


I think you'll find the grand design works on artistic levels...


...but the railway engineers might pick a few holes in the track layout.

le artistes

All that was left to do was hang the artwork.

new shower curtain10

Ta-da! Our fabulous, one-of-a-kind, designer shower curtain. Guaranteed to cheer up the ugliest, pokiest bathroom, which would be ours. When I showed it to Fixit he didn't even twig that we'd drawn it ourselves.

Here's the official blurb and here's the link.
"Ty is a simple #2 plastic shower curtain. Unlike other shower curtains made of vinyl, Ty will not off-gas in your home. Also unlike vinyl, Ty breathes – making it less likely to grow gross mold and mildew. Ty is stronger than vinyl and will last a very long time, then it can be recycled."


  1. That's the coolest shower curtain I've ever seen!

  2. What fun! The result is so much better than most shower curtains. What were the drawing materials? I presume they won't wash out.

  3. A very cool solution all round: artistic, personalised, thrifty, fun, co-operative and heaps better than store-bought!

  4. Fantastic! Is there no end to your creative-ness?

  5. no wonder Mr Fixit didn't realise. It's a highly professional result. You should go into full production!

  6. Oh, lovely! I want one! Only... I don't think I'd do as good a job, frankly.

    I've seen some people on the magic interwebs do a similar thing and use it as a playmat. Which also looked lovely.

  7. That is seriously awesome. I would absolutely love my kids to make one for our bathroom which needs, um, help. I would want to keep that even when it's outlived it's use.

  8. That even surpases the map of the world shower curtain we had in my first sharehouse. I'm feeling just a little sad that we have screens and I can't justify buying a curtain of our own.

    Although yours is probably less useful in completing the general knowledge crossword (we didn't own an atlas).

  9. That is divine! I am also curious was to what kind of markers you used that won't wash out?

  10. Fantastic! That is THE BEST idea!!

  11. The shower curtain comes to you with a permanent marker (an eco-friendly one). We also used some permanent markers of our own. They won't wash off.

  12. Very very nice. The boys' faces are so happy!

  13. So clever of you all! Quite the keepsake, too.

  14. This is wonderful!!

    I am one of the designers of this product. It is SO satisfying to see Ty being used and enjoyed like this. Thanks for sharing these!!

    My compliments to the artists!


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