Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Climber

The Climber: from Babyhood to Eight.
nought to eight

And then, today, he turned nine. Nine!

9th birthday 61

Compared to the Cherub's hyper-excited and counting down the days approach, the Climber has been super laid back about his impending birthday. Even this morning, the day itself, he calmly went about his morning business; a leisurely breakfast, a little stint on the computer; and it was left to me to say don't you want your presents?

Oh. Okay. Yes please.

9th birthday 033

He was very pleased with his haul, and was also heard to say this is going to be the best party ever! as the first guests arrived, even though in my head it wasn't actually a party. In my head I was calling it a gathering; Astrid, Jenny and crew from Mothers Group, Nell, our friend Malcolm, my Dad and Cherub's best mate. Because in my head, I had thought that the Climber (whose birthday falls in the summer holidays, meaning he never gets to have a party that is at all connected with his school or school friends) ought to have a proper outing/party this year and was going to organise a rock-climbing type affair for him when school started back. But while he's not averse to this idea he still really wanted a backyard party *ahem* gathering with mothers group friends and lolly bags and cake. And actually, just by telling myself it wasn't a party, just a gathering, I was far less stressed about pulling it all together and it was all very easy and a lot of fun.

9th birthday 42

And so now I have a nine year old. It's a little bit amazing and a lot wonderful. Just like him.


  1. Happy Birthday Climber! He is a very handsome lad!

  2. Happy birthday to the Climber! Love that pizza peace shirt.

    Gosh, I've said it before, but your kids are so darned gorgeous.

  3. You don't look old enough to have a 9 year old!

    Great photos, I agree with Sueeeus, you do have gorgeous kids!

  4. What??? Were you 10 when you had him??? You Melbourne girls ;)

  5. He looks like a great kid, and it is important to appreciate great kids (esp if you've got TWO of them)

    Happy birthday Climber! 9 is terrific.

  6. both your your boys are heartbreakers - are you beating the girls off yet??

  7. Happy birthday to the lovely boy. I love his laid back approach to the day.

  8. Happy birthday! Another one rocking the cool haircuts :)

  9. Look at him with that hair - he is a rock-god in the making...

    Dear Climber, I reckon nine is awesome and I hope you enjoy every single day of nine-ness....

  10. Happy Birthday to the Climber!

    And it seems the idea of a 'gathering' instead of a party could catch on.

  11. Dear Climber,

    happy birthday and welcome to being nine. Nine is triffic and loads of fun. Nine is being even taller and faster and best of all even cleverer.

    You seem to have garnered a mahoosive amount of booty, do you think I could come and play and we could do explosions with your chemistry set? We wouldn't have to tell your mum what we were planning. Most grown-ups tend to get a bit worried about loud bangs, gross smells and flashes of light.

    with many smiles,


  12. Aw, happy birthday to the Climber! He is lovely. Double digits next year, hoo boy!

  13. He's going to be a heartbreaker...

  14. Aw, lovely boy.

    Cherish the moments. Because soon he'll be 25 like my lovely boy.

  15. Aw, Isabelle's comments are always so bittersweet, aren't they? She's right though, my gorgeous boy is nearly sixteen and that is just wrong.

    Happy birthday to the beautiful Climber. Nine is such a special milestone age I reckon. The end of early childhood and the dawning of a new sense of self and place in the world. Yep, bittersweet.

  16. Is that even possible? We've been watching him grow for HOW many years. One day soon , you'll wake up and he''ll be nineTEEN! Don't blink!

  17. I want to fly down and take a thousand photos of that nine year old's stunning eyes...

    might just have to do that soon...

  18. It was an excellent pargathering thank you Stomper. The first 9 years have gone in a flash, I imagine the next 9 will be just as fast. It does make me a bit sad, though they get better and better every year.

  19. I got teary just looking at that little photo montage!
    May we have many more years of gorgeous gatherings for our gorgeous kids and may they all continue to adore each other just as much.
    Thanks for a great day.
    A x

  20. Happy birthday Climber! He has got gorgeous eyes!

  21. Happy Birthday! I hope you frame that last shot... it's gorgeous. Just like Climber.

  22. Happy Birthday to Climber! And always, I feel a 'Well Done' is due the mother of every birthday person.
    Your boys really are so darn good looking!!

  23. It was so lovely to meet your boys and to wish Climber a happy birthday in the flesh.
    I can fully vouch for the gorgeousness of your two boys. Climber's eyes! They are so sparkly!


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