Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cherub starts soccer.

Cherub started soccer for the very first time today, and he was just so excited..


but the Climber had a bit of a mood on.

He's growing, it always makes him moody. He did cheer up once he got there.

From the tap hall where I was, I heard the rain start to bucket down at precisely the moment they were due to kick off. Here's how that looked:

soccer rain2614

Fixit took lots of photos in which I can see that the Cherub had an absolute blast but I'm not showing you those ones because this one of his face when the other side scored is funnier:

the other side scores

That's all I've got time to tell you about though because I'm off to Craft Camp!
See you when I get back Cx.


  1. Have fun at camp!

    And that photo is classic.

    So is the one of Climber in a mood.

  2. I love those pics. Hope the wind didn't change, Cherub.

  3. So competitive! I am very proud.

    Nice rain shot, that would have put me in a right old mood, that face of Climber's is lovely and serene for someone in a mood. My face, on the other hand, is rather twisted and sneery when I am in a mood.

  4. Cherub has the hairdo of an acclaimed international soccer star in the making. And the passion...

  5. Soccer is a serious business - especially in the under 6s.

  6. I don't envy your years of standing round watching your children play soccer in the wild Melbourne weather. Give me tap dancing anytime, you get coffee, chatting and you can do your knitting (while listening to the chipmunks)


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