Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

I have to say that when it comes to organising treasure hunts, Climber puts me to shame. I documented this one way back when, and he also recently set up a magnificent one for Fixit. In fact, I think every treasure hunt that we've had in this house has been organised by The Climber. So this year at Easter, given that we were spending it at home, I decided to set up an Easter Egg hunt for the boys. And now that I'm all crafty-like, this involved whipping up a couple of bodgy baskets the night before, no easy task because I just made up the design as I went along, and my machine had to be repaired several times during the process (thank goodness for having a captive Fixit). The baskets are extremely wonky but the boys were pleased.


Anyway. I told the boys to stay inside while I ran around the backyard hiding their eggs; 5 small ones each plus a big Star Wars Egg-&-Pez-Dispenser each. Then I wrote out a list of clues for them both and they had to take it in turns to find each egg.



It was hard to catch photos of the Climber during the search, he was extremely smart about working out the clues and very quick off the mark to unearth them. Here he is finding Clue 3: I hope the birds don't get this one first.


And I had to give him one which involved climbing. It said : If you wave at [next-door-baby] you might find this one.


Cherub's were much simpler, and he needed help at first (Don't be late, open the ....). Door? he said, scratching his head. Well, what rhymes with late, sweetie, that you can open? Aha!


But by the time we got to You will JUMP for joy to find this one, he was working them out for himself.


The last clue was for the Main Prize. Climber went first, and when the Big Star Wars Egg was discovered we of course immediately heard a brotherly cry of It's Not Fair! until we pointed out that there was still one more clue for him to solve.




I also hid some Lindt eggs for Fixit, despite the fact that he never gets me anything for Easter. Which is okay really, I can't exactly claim a chocolate shortage round here.


Then, mindful that Climber loves to do this sort of thing, I gave the boys a handful of eggs to hide for us. In true form, Cherub just ran around stashing mine away and pretty much told me where to find them (except for the one he couldn't remember and lucky his brother had been paying attention) and Climber went and wrote little clues for Fixit to solve.


So what with the stash left by the Easter Bunny plus goodies from a friend and my Dad, the kids now have a LOT of chocolate. It'll be rationed out as an after-dinner reward for good eating over a few weeks, or at least that is the plan.

Hope you had a Happy Easter too, and that the Bunny was good to you.


  1. Rationed easter eggs, hahahahahahaa o you do make me laugh!

  2. Has there been a surfeit of chocolate at Casa Stomper/Fixit? It looks like a very happy Easter.
    I have had half an egg, coffee and a trip to the airport with my other daughter, plus a surfeit of Dr P's family culminating in another marathon dinner. Time out is needed.

  3. Rationing the chocolate???! Actually I probably would have appreciated that as a child, considering I had gutsed my entire stash by, oh, Easter Monday, and my sister would still be delicately nibbling at eggs come her birthday in October.

  4. Seriously guys, you should see how much they got! It's either ration it or clean up the vomit, I reckon, and I'm not good with vomit.

  5. Chocolate vomit never really looks like vomit, does it?

    Still...saving doesn't seem right some how.

  6. I also wish you luck with that whole rationing thing.

    It does seem a fun hunt was had though, and I love that Cherub was all "it's not fair!" about the big egg - I guess he still hasn't cottoned on to that 'parents with two children must equalise' rule. Which I still rely on today.

    Going off to eat some chocoate now...

  7. I am so glad you ration too - i was beginning to think we were the only ones who did that!siobhan/shivi

  8. Yep, chocolate rationing here too! It's more of a reward for good behaviour (ie. not fighting with each other!!) than a food thing. Food is never a problem here as they both eat nearly everything and lots of it. Being nice to each other is a whole different matter though! Happy Easter, Stomper. Oh BTW - no one bought me any eggs either :(. I always buy myself one (or two).

  9. I love the orienteering element of your hunt!

    My mother organised a socialist egg hunt this year for the kids (four kids, four years and under), they all found eggs and had to put them in one basket for re-distribution later. True to preschooler form, they all searched high and low for eggs and paid no attention to taking any home to eat.

  10. I'm sitting here in what claims to be spring - lashing rain, still having to wear winter down jacket - it's lovely to see your darlings in shorts and bare feet. Brr!

    And the happy scenes are also heartwarming.

  11. Sheesh! Who are you kidding lady? Ration schmashin. Much better if you eat 'em all in one hit and then come over all wheatgrass and celery. That's teh theory around here, anyhoo...

  12. Rationing? You are sensible. I let my pair eat it all in one go. They feel sick, there's none left, Easter is over.

  13. I'm a rationer. Only I tend to raid the rations before the kids get to them.... luckily they forget after so many days how much chocolate they had and which ones they had eaten.

  14. Lovely photos .. looks like a great time was had by all! 2 of my kids blew hot and cold about chocolate ... they caused several WW3s flaunting their stash LONG after Easter was over and the other 2 had demolished theirs .. Good luck with the rationing!

  15. Very crafty of you to use the egg hunt to get them to practice their reading and thinking. They earned their chocolate!

  16. Wow, you are the creative one. What lucky boys you have-- and you sewed! That's it, I bow to you on this Easter fun day.


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