Saturday, April 17, 2010

My brush with the law.

The kids tap classes started back this morning after a 2 week holiday, and when we'd finished the Cherub and I headed to the local bakery where we always pick up some pastries for lunch. We had to wait while Fixit dropped Climber off at a party, so in order to get out of the bright warm sunshine, we headed into our school's shady playground. Another family we knew passed by and the other mum said to me I was a bit worried about the Aftercare door there being open, but I guess you're there so it's okay? Of course I hadn't even noticed that the school door was unlocked so then we thought it was a worry and stuck our heads in to look. It really didn't look like there'd been a burglary, more like someone hadn't secured the door properly, and we debated what to do. I decided to call my friend who works in the school office and she said she'd get onto the authorities, meanwhile we also worked out that we couldn't lock the door except by doing it from the inside, so the other mother went through the classrooms to find if there was a fire exit she could get out if we were to do this. By then I'd spoken to my friend-from-the-office and we figured somebody in authority would be on their way soon. The other family left and Cherub and I stayed on, waiting for the authorities and Fixit. The authorities turned up first in the shape of 2 policemen. Turns out all school buildings have very good (and quiet!) security alarms connected straight to the police station, so in fact the authorities for whom I was waiting so calmly were actually an Emergency Response Team, and after taking my details and a good look at the situation I received a little lecture about never going in (a) because of the alarms and the subsequent botheration to police and (b) in case a mean burglar was still inside. Then the other cop took me aside and gave me basically the same kindly lecture. I guess I also have the note from the school principal in next week's newsletter to look forward to; something along the lines of some well-meaning parents wasted police time is my guess.

In other news some very nice stuff arrived in my mailbox: a gorgeous hat from Stacey at Sheeps Clothing, an exchange for the Miss Caroline Tap Dance shirt I gave her. Isn't it lovely? This is the last of this pretty wool so it is extra special.

sheeps clothing hat

And the second of my teatowel swaps, this one from Kate at Craftastrophies who also sent a little tea-flower and a cute novelty tape-measure and some Haigh's chocolate - a frog, of course, you have to have a frog if you buy chocolate from Haigh's, and two little Easter Eggs which I almost gave to the kids until I realised they were the good chocolate. I'm pretty stoked to have a slightly edgy teatowel, even if Fixit and I are probably 2 of the most naturally cautious people you'll ever meet. Our kids have no hope.

teatowel from craftastrophes


  1. It was very communitiy minded of you to be concerned by the open door. I'm sure the authorities knew that at heart.

    Beeeeautiful hat, beautiful!

  2. You naughty, naughty girl! And not only that, you were spanked by a man in uniform!


  3. That hat is just perfect for you - purple and sage green!

    Love the teatowel.

  4. Great teatowel! Pretty hat, suits you

    And its just as well you stuck around to tell the tale, otherwise there would be a BOLO for Stomper!

    A friend of mine accidentally wandered into a high security area (NOT signposted) and silently alarmed at Parliament house, Canberra a few weeks ago. She was blithely photgraphing a pretty garden and gate when the heavies arrived and firmly escorted her out and insisted on inspecting and deleting the photos she had taken! She was mortified.

  5. Hat looks sensational. Tell the principal that you have had two lectures and he can delete teh newsletter bit!

  6. Lovely hat. Lovely profile. Lovely hair.

    Good citizen you.

    My verifiction word is Flumptog. Nice, eh?

  7. Having had brushes with the law myself [because of that lead foot of mine] you have my sympathy! Very embarrassing to be getting lectures from people whose nappies you could have been changing!
    Cute hat! We're getting beyond hats-for-heat weather here.....

  8. I found a deserted op shop once, the owner had gone home without shutting the door. We finally found a list of staff phone numbers behind the counter and alerted them. Had a lovely time browsing and trying on, it was NZ equivalent of Savers. It was as though all my dreams had come true!

  9. If yours is anything like mine, a brush with the law is a veritable stroll in the park compared to a NOTE FROM THE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL. I'd have hauled my kids to the school in the next suburb over, by now. Maybe even two suburbs.

  10. The hat looks fantastic on you - especially with your beautiful, beautiful hair. Lucky girl you are.
    Oh my! A brush with the law! Exciting stuff!!

  11. That hat looks lovely on your gorgeous head!

    I think you absolutely did the right thing and should be commended in the next school letter.


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