Tuesday, April 20, 2010

High Chitty Low Chitty Everywhere We Go Chitty

I started a whole bunch of new routines in the Kids' Tap Classes last Saturday, which is always fun. You can tell when a new tap term is starting because of the startling amount of time and money I suddenly start spending at iTunes. I do love iTunes though. Before iTunes was invented, if I wanted a song I'd have to buy the whole album and although that could occasionally lead to the discovery of more good songs, the single-song purchase is far more economical.

I went a little bit Broadway this term, after one of the grandparents mentioned it was lovely for the kids to hear the old songs. Annoyingly, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was not available as a single song download and I didn't want to buy the whole album so the littlies are dancing to a Chipmunks version. It's funny so far but I'm wondering if I'll hate it by the end of term. While I was in the Chipmunks part of iTunes I also somehow ended up with their versions of Funkytown and All The Single Ladies (whoa-oh-oh whoa-oh oh oh) I don't know, I just quite liked them. It was pretty funny playing the Chipmunks to the kids, we had to halt class for a bit because they wanted to discuss the funny singing and when I said it was The Chipmunks it all segued into them all telling me about what movies they'd seen.

Anyway, the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious routine as performed by the Junior Shufflers was a clear winner with participants and audience alike. Nell tells me that class gets all the best routines, because they did Woody's Round-Up last term and that was her fave, even if it gave her a permanent ear-worm.


  1. Ummm...did I ever tell you that my father in law used to be a dance instructor with a famous dancing school? And did I tell you that MDH and I can't dance for anything...especially together? And did I then tell you that my FIL decided that if we were going to do the bridal waltz at our wedding, then we may as well do it properly instead of the shuffle that most newlyweds do these days?

    So at our first lesson, he put on a record, and amongst the strains of a gorgeous waltz tunes, emitted the chipmunks singing something or another. Quite pretty really. Hard to stay focused, but he was quite serious.

    Anyway, the happy day came and when it was time for the waltz, MDH and I shuffled around the floor like we had only just met. My poor FIL just had his head in his hands the whole time.

    Anyway, back to the story...if I can get you a copy of the original of CCBB, would you want it?

  2. Absolutely I would, thank you Aunty! And my sympathies to your FIL.

  3. That video just made my day!!!

    OK, now...what's your shoe size because if you're around a 7/8 maybe I can talk you into letting me try on your tapshoes this weekend and teaching me the Woody routine?!!!

    No really. I'm serious.

    I'll write a Miss Caroline poem in return for the lesson, 'kay? Barter system.

  4. is it terrible that I always enjoy watching you dance most of all in these clips?

  5. Wow! That got my toes tapping. Do you have classes for adult children? Like me?

  6. OK.
    Siting here..very grumpy..not good...just shit to be honest and dreading the day at work...
    But now ! Who cares, I'm going to sing that song to myself all day...

    Long long way to say - I loved it ! am much much cheered up !


  7. Yes please to Aunty Evil, the chipmunks are cute to be sure but I am sitting there for 1 1/2 hours every week.

  8. Your wish has been fulfilled J.

    And C.

    Check your email...

  9. Oh those little wild west dancers are lovely. You must love your job!

  10. Ok, there's something really wrong with me. Your little dancing companions were so cute I got all teary. Oh dear.

  11. Love those little tappers. And the songs. And itunes. Oh I love itunes! A musical revolution of genius is the itunes.

  12. Oh, Stomp, I was sitting here feeling rather miserable for various aged-relative related reasons and I'm smiling now. Love that clip and your happy sunny blog.

  13. I have no idea what I was going to say. Something pleasant. I lost it somewhere between the idea of the Chipmunks doing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Aunty Evil's anecdote. Dear god.

  14. I can totally understand the Chipmunks version of Funky Town. A classic.

    The Chipmunks doing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, however, is mind boggling.

    But I also love iTunes - so, so easy to pick up anything you want, even those dodgy singles that get into your head and you can't get rid of.

    Coming up with the new routines must be so much fun though.


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