Saturday, November 20, 2010


A woman called Lorna needed a great frock to wear to a party, so she went shopping.  She found a really cute dress.  It had polkadots, and a twirl-able skirt lined with black tulle to make it stick out.

She wore it to the party, but then the next time she looked at it she realised that she didn't want to wear that party dress again.

The thing was, it wasn't her dress.

So she gave the dress to its true spiritual owner...

spottydress5363 100_1533

It was, as she said it would be, perfect for tapping in; I tested it today with the kids classes!
Thanks Lorna x


  1. Oh that is super cute - and yes, I definitely think it's found its spiritual owner!

  2. It is perfect for you. Add some leggings and a cardigan and you will twirl and tap in it all year round!

  3. That is definitely YOUR dress! You look lovely in it.

  4. Was checking you out all morning in that frock, you looked fabulously glam!

  5. She was absolutely right ...that dress is gorgeous on you....

  6. Oh gorgeous - you wear it sooo well.

    (And you've got a great set of pins to wear such a dress - half your luck!)

  7. That would also be a great ice-skating dress!

  8. Wow! Lucky you, love you wearing it!


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