Wednesday, November 03, 2010

When Basil Met Bunny

Next door's boy-bunny escaped into our yard and decided to sample our grass/weeds.
Basil, being a cat, was pretty sure he needed to hunt the furry mammal.


But seeing as the largest prey he'd tackled previously was a blowfly, he was a little bit daunted by the rabbit's size.


Not to mention the superb confidence of Mister Bunny who calmly munched grass and completely ignored the disgruntled crouching tiger.


This is Basil doing the world's longest build-up to a pounce.  Ages, the arse-wiggling went for. And then of course, the pounce itself was more like a half-hearted sproing in the air, a good metre and a half away from the alleged victim.


What you looking at, purple kitteh?  You can't handle dis brown bunneh.


Mind you,  Mister Bunny wasn't so relaxed about the humans in the backyard, so if any of us got too close he'd lope off, sometimes straight towards Basil which caused the confused kitty to pirouette in mid-air in an effort to get out of the bunny's way.



Eventually the bunny hopped out to the construction site and headed for home (we trust). Meanwhile Basil decided to sit up in the cubby-house, and keep a look-out for blowflies.


Stoopid bunnehs.
Photos by my sister, Fixit and I were too busy falling about laughing to record the action.


  1. SO BRAVE.
    ... the bunny, I mean.

  2. What a great way (funny and fantastic photos both) to start my day..

    A kind of warped Beatrix potter story!

  3. Basil is going to need therapy. He'll be seeing that menacing brown bunny in his dreams.


  4. he is one awesome looking kitteh!

  5. I am disappointed in Basil. Bunnies, aka vermin, are pests, not pets, their numbers are escalating, and we do not need more rabbits. Beaut photos, though.

  6. Hilarious! The stalking cat, the couldn't-care-less rabbit. The whole scenario as you described it. So funny.

  7. That eyes-sideways photo :) How dare a bunny enter his domain, how dare it1!

  8. Perhaps he's not so top of the food chain as he'd like to think.

  9. FANTASTIC!! You could turn that - with the lovely lovely pictures, into a kid's book.

    BTW...just a warning, kitties rarely win a stoush when it's with a bunny.

  10. I love this, but I have to say that took courage on your part to photograph this... My mind is going to all the wildlife films I watched as a child... "Why or why didn't the photographers stop the lion?!"

  11. Oh they are both gorgeous and look so aestheticaly GOOD together! (Although not socially.)

  12. OMG! these photos are so great! I love them.

  13. I love this so much - even better than the pics I saw on flickr when put together with the story ;)

    ( and LOL at persiflage! ;)

  14. Stumbled across your lovely blog while searching for a "bunneh" doll pattern...your post of the kitteh/bunneh encounter amused me to no end! Nice to meet you! ~*~Lisa


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