Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smelly Landlords and Nice Blog People


You know, when the last thing you received in the mail was a letter from the Real Estate Agents informing you that your landlords are going to increase your rent by a whopping $75 a week, and there's really nothing you can do about it because according to the guidelines it is in line with market prices - however massively inflated those market prices are - and you lack the will to even to jump up and down about it, despite most of your friends thinking you'd be within your rights to do so, because the rules for tenants and landlords are not actually being breached here and thank you so much Jeff Kennett for  getting rid of any safeguards all those years ago, well then, it is really nice if the next thing you receive in the mail is a custom made Wonk from Sue at fiveandtwo, all because you tried your hand at a collective noun for said Wonks.


Good on you and thank you Sue xx.  I really needed that.


  1. That's very bad! $75 is a lot of money!!! I hope you do get the will to fight it, even if you don't have a win about it, you will have tried.

    Yay for pressies though!

  2. Urgh - I've already expressed my opinion on FB.

    I'm with AUnty Evil - Yay for pressies!

  3. Hells bells! I can see why you were in dire need of a wonky silver lining...but $75 dollars????

  4. thats a HUGE increase.............not good.
    our owners wanted to increase our rent by $20 per week but the stupid real estate..when they wrote up the NEW lease put the OLD rent amount on it...te hee hee.

    Love your pressie!!!

  5. Bastards. But we knew that already. No redress for you, though? It would be nice if they did some basic home maintenance, instead of the crappy and cheapskate patchings they've always done.
    Enjoy your new government....

    That's terrible. I think when we were renting they tried to put the rent up by like $20... we expressed mild dismay and they crumbled to $5. Considering they lived in England and maintained exactly nothing, I think they had a good deal as it was!

  7. Good lord! It just so happens my landlord is a parent at our school, with a child in our same class, as it happens. I hope this means they'll hold off on any similarly insane increases.

  8. I've never seen a Wonk before, but he/she/it is very cute. Bugger about the rent, that really is a very hefty chunk of change :(

  9. That seems a big lot. Sympathy.

    But bloggy friends are very nice indeed. Great Wonk.

  10. It could be a hot summer - you need airconditioning or fans at the very least! Now that you have a Wonk living there too.

  11. Wow! Lovely purple Wonk!
    Much nicer than a rent hike.
    So sorry to read of your knee injury, but I confess, I laughed, picturing the event.


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