Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Padawan Tapsters

Tap guru and star Jason Samuels Smith was in Melbourne over the weekend, running his wonderful tap masterclasses.  I thought the kids in the Tapster Class were (a) ready to handle one of these classes and (b) would really benefit from one, so I booked Climber in and encouraged the other parents to send along their kids.


You may recognise Squeaky, Pea  and C from this post....


Jason taught them about some famous tap dancers, he taught them some moves and he tried to teach them to count aloud while they tapped. (But that last proved too much for them!  Well, you try learning a new unfamiliar step and talking aloud at the same time, it's actually a whole new skill)


I thought all four of my students did really wonderfully well, which made me feel immensely proud of them and ever-so-slightly relieved for myself.  Climber is most inspired after the class, and you couldn't ask for more than that.


  1. Envy envy envy - how wonderful that those kids were brave enough to tackle that class - brave enough because you have taught them well!!! I didn't realise that the Melbourne Tap Festival was still running ... hmmm ..

  2. Fantastic!

    (I've never thought about trying to talk out loud and concentrate on tapping at the same time...I imagine it would be very tricky.)

  3. I can't talk outloud and do anything at all! So that would have REALLY impressed me if they had pulled it off!

    Not at all surprised that they did well... look who taught them!


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