Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye Twenty-Ten.

It's the last day of 2010! And it's also 40 degrees HOT! I can't possibly think well enough in this sort of heat to do any end of year round-up. Beyond saying I'm pretty sure it's been a good one with some bumpy bits.


Our plan for the last day of the year is to do as little as possible and to stay cool! Fingers crossed the cool change comes in at a reasonable hour.

Happy New Year Everyone. 
Thanks for reading me. xx


  1. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family! Thanks for LETTING us read you! It's always a pleasure.

    Hot here in Sydney too, but not 40, thank goodness!

  2. I love reading you. You even make the bumpy bits sound fun. Happy (cooling) New Year, Stomper Family. x

  3. Happy New year to the entire Stomper family. Bumpy bits make it interesting right?

  4. Happy New year to the Stomper family!!!!

    Hot here only 31 but that hot in the mountains!!!

  5. Happy New Year - hope it cools down!

  6. Your feet look cool...

    Happy new year to your family.

  7. The 31st was all about playing in the sprinkler in the backyard here too. The kids amused themselves for 3 HOURS. Bliss!

  8. Happy New Year. It has been unseasonably COLD here for December, until the 31st, when it was shorts and t-shirts weather. Which was good for me as my nine and eleven year old nephews were spending the night and four is a lot of kid in one house.


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